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I have done many bpo's for this company, and they are behind six months to date, i refuse to do more until they are up to date, someone mentioned calling the banks they work for (nationwide is one), which i think is a grand idea.. 25 years in the business, and this is the worst bpo company i have come across!  and Don't pay for leads!!! those third party companies have made a mockery of our industry, middle man who just rakes in the money off the top..

I just talked to Eric who acknowledged talking to me on November 17th when he promised me a check in 2 weeks.  Their clients are not paying them but I'm on his list.   The company has cut their own staff.  So Happy New Year folks. This company is probably on the way out.   I suggested to Eric that he should start looking for a new job. 

that is BALONEY, the lenders pay these companies, he was singing that song last summer.  Good Luck

i suspect the CEO of this company IS getting paid.

I just spoke to the current CEO and there seems to be a breakthrough in their merger dealings as of Monday.  I suggested that he may want to make some kind of public statement because the company is being trashed all over the web.  He said he knows and apologies will be made.   He said we would all be paid by the end of December.   I offered not to publish his contact info right away.  He said I should publish it if he does not get everyone paid. We'll see. 

don't hold your breath - I got promises too, had to threaten them the CEO is also the accountant and treasurer and whatever else needs to be done  BEWARE...I got paid in full and no longer will I work for them

I got the same story a year ago about 'The Merger'. It took me six months to get paid by them and even then it was a fight. I had done quite a few for them and when I got the merger story I said I would do a few more, on good faith. Don't do it. I did eventually get paid, but only after months of continuous calling to get my money. It's not worth my time to do business with them when I have to chase after my money.

A few months ago I was singing their praise, that song is no longer in the top 20...whit that said I had to threaten to call the banks they work with if I did nt get paid several hundred dollars. 

They kept telling me they had to wait for the checks to clear--BALONEY -- if you get a check from a client bank you do not have to wait for it to clear...Once I threatened them I got all my money and severed my association with them.  Do not work for them they are operating on a shoe string and ust keep putting you off to get paid and one day you will wake up and they will have gone bye bye

Yes they always paid, that is, until 2014. I've completed approximately 20 orders and I have not been paid for one yet which is highly unusual.

you have to threaten them and do not do any work for them.  There are better BPO companies out there.

I no longer do BPO's for them they owed me several hundred dollars and kept telling me they had to wait for checks to clear....BALONEY...they do not have the $$.  I threatened to go to the lenders that were using them and I got paid in full in 3 days.  Get your $$ and get out.  They are operating on the money they get in and not paying the agents. 

I finally (after six months of unpaid bpo's) got Half of what they owe me.. 


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