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Hi Jeffrey,

Our agents were working with them for a little while, but they started falling behind on payments. After numerous calls to their accounting, we were finally able to get paid. Not sure if they are just running behind or what, but I don't have time to be chasing them down every time we are waiting on payments. 

Thank you,

Joey Baynes

Quality Control Manager

Elite REO Services

19100 Von Karman Avenue Suite 500
Irvine, CA 92612
310-640-7702 Phone
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old news, they paid a portion of the invoices, but still owe $200.00, if no one will work for them, they will be out of business like the rest that don't pay their bills, just like Mark to Market and they were a big mill

I did several orders for them and my wife did also. It took 4 months for her to receive any payment and mine was 6 months. The payments were not in full, they still owe us We work independently.

They contacted me yesterday by email and them by phone to do a BPO in the next city over (Port Orange). They wanted my TAT and fee, I do not do any more BPO's for them.

I suggest to just walk away.


they pay but are SLOW, keep after them  I am not doing any more work for them until I get paid for July orders

I had a problem with them when I did a couple of BPOs and one inspection last year. They paid the BPOs and not the inspection. I sent them an invoice and eventually they paid up. I didn't do anything with them for the longest time until just a couple of months ago. I did one BPO. They paid in 30 days. I just did one more for them last week. Lets see if they pay in the 30 days.

It took them almost 6 months to pay for 4 BPOs. 

They are NOT paying.  They owed me almost $2,000 for reports done back from January through May.  They call constantly to try to get me to accept work.  When I told them I would not accept any additional work until they paid, they said they were sending a check that afternoon.  They did - a check for $35.00.  I won't accept anymore work from them.

Call Erik at VV he handles payments.  I always get paid...

We have approximately eight BPO's outstanding since June and spoke about our payment with them this week and they told us we would be paid by the end of September.  I am not going to accept any more of their orders in the future.  Just too slow in paying. 

I haven't had a problem at all.  I've done 27 and been paid for all.  They had a couple this summer that took longer than normal but they did send an email saying they were delayed.  I love their BPO platform   

There's a whole blog on this one, right here on this site, Jeffrey.

Most negative suppliers are mentioned here, so take the time to educate yourself before you

start driving toward the subject.

You can save a lot of gas.

They have sent a lot of orders in the last few months, but I decided not to accept since they owe me from last year. I was burnt by Coast to Coast when Gas was much cheaper for over $5,000. Most of my orders are from providers that deposit directly to my bank account. The providers that don't due direct deposit I have been with 2 for over 10 years and the other over 5 yrs.


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