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same for me,  direct deposit providers, these new companies do not hat cash flow and I refuse to work for them

I checked with them and they told me last week that they were going to try and get us paid by end of September.  This would be for worked done in June, July and August.  I have decided not to accept any more orders till I get paid for the 9-10 orders they owe me for.  

I have stopped accepting work from them as well and they also told me the same thing about the end of September.

I did two bpo's for Valuation Vision back in May 2014 and still have not been paid.  They are constantly sending me work orders and calling me.  Last time they called I had them transfer me to the accounting department and had to leave a message on voicemail.......of course.  


I always google all of the new companies offering BPO's and listings. Doing this tells me all I need to know about the companies trying to steal my money. Blogs also help, such as this site. 

We as professional agents need to be smarter than what we are working with in this business. I block all calls after I find out its a RE scam. I refuse to pay Zillo any money for the same leads I generate from standard proven web sites such as and my company web site. Stop paying for leads agents, what were are seeing in this industry is a taking of our business we should be generating on our own.

Just say no to! 28 years in real estate and still learning. 


Hello Jeffrey, We are getting paid now.  They are being taken over my another company.  We just received a check for $300 on Wednesday.  Yes, they do owe us over $1000.00.  They personally called me last Friday and told me they were sending me one and they did.  The gentleman also told me by the end of September they should be back on track.  We will see.

I called asked to be paid ,  had check in 4 days.  They were having transition pains but by Sept end all will be paid. 

Well, they are not paying again.  For a short time they were paying, now it is the same old story.  Shame on me for taking orders again.

Ha! I love these companies with double standards, they expect us to take low paying orders and turn them around in a couple of days and then don't pay for six months if at all.  I agree with Charlene above we have to be smarter when it comes to our business.

same for me 2

YES< I posted previously that they were paying now they keep giving excuses, checks have not clear etc.  I am calling them today and threatening to call the lenders who give them business

They've gotten better at paying in recent months. I recommend saving a PDF file of each report you do for them. This way, you have proof of completed work if you need it down the road... although usually a friendly call will get them to cut past due checks.


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