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I quit doing BPOs for them awhile back. They were always slow or having issues in paying from way back in 2013. In 2014 I only did 2 property inspections for them and have yet to be paid. In the past I had to invoice them. While going over my 2014 BPO accounts I see that Valuation Vision and didn't pay that year. of course I took to court and now have judgement against them and liens against the properties. For Valuation Vision, I figure I will have to do as I did before and invoice them.

Yes - They have owed me for over a year, lesson learned. They claim to have been bought and are merging - this has been ongoing - do not waste your time with them. 

Yes, they is not paying, Accounts Payable was very nice in promsing payment soon. The problem is you have agents who are willing to work for nothing.

8 days into the new year and no check.  So much for getting paid by the end of December.   I guess the  CEO  meant December of this year.    Shane Copeland's voice mail is full as is the company's voice mail.   His direct phone number is 858-342-1417 - for whatever good that will do. 

I reached Shane's voicemail yesterday, Friday Jan. 10th.  Got an email this evening, Saturday, from Erik that he is sending me a check for the remainder of 2013 through Feb. 2014.

Got my check today.   They still owe me for March through October. 

Get your money and get out, Cece, I threatened to contact the banks they do work for and got paid in full, I refuse to work for them again

Turns out they actually paid me through August. 

Zaio, the company that is aquiring Valuation Vision,  did raise $8.2 million.  Part of that is to complete the purchase.   The attached announcement is dated December 12th 2014.

Funny thing - the Zaio website already features the BPOMerge product which clicks right through to VV.  The "join our network" link still states that you will be "compensated quickly".  

Zaio stock quote is 15 cents. 


More interesting documents.  Acquisition done.  Stock and cash payment made. Assumption of "certain liabilities".   The cash looks like only $614,000 if I'm reading it right. 


It looks like further "scheduled payments" for the acquisition is subject to audit of V V books.....

I got paid after MONTHS of fighting with them. Finally threatened to contact every possible lender for which they could be working and launch a giant internet smear on them. DONT DO ANYTHING FOR THEM


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