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Tell them you are going to contact the lenders and you will get paid I did, got paid in full and severed my relationship with them. Talk to Erik he is the one who writes the checks.  Threatening them it the only way to get paid...PS once you get the check go immediately to the bank and deposit it

I have done several for them and have not been paid!

To all who are still owed money from Valuation Vision, I suggest you contact their clients and let them know you are not getting paid.  I am sure VV is getting paid.  Then tell V you have done so, that is how I got paid in FULL

These people are snakes. You are a fool if you do business with them.

I completed my last BPO for them yesterday and I told them to stop sending me orders unitl I'm paid in FULL!  Also told Erik I would contact lien holders directly to complete BPO's for them and cut Valuation Vision out of the process completely. 

Have people been reporting them to BBB or left a review on Yelp?

I finally heard back from Erik and he sent me this link about the merger:

Old news.  I published that link and 2 others 10 days ago right here in this discussion.

I stopped completing assignments for Valuation Vision. I've heard all types of excuses from their employees, depending on what day and who you talk to. They take months to pay. I was thankful to receive payment for my completed assignments after months of complaining. Finally, I received payment and haven't accepted another assignment since. I've been in the business for a long time and know what it's like to get burned. Keep contacting them; squeaky wheels gets the grease. They're probably ready to close, since no one in their right mind will accept assignments from them. I request payment in advance on all their assignments and they never get back to me. Herman

They still owe me for 3 BPO's from 2013..   Always some excuse.

The below message worked like a charm.. and got my $$$ in 3 days. I sent it to the CEOs of both Zaio and VV along with at the time VV's point contact for payments. Also took snapshot of orders from their system that were completed and included them in attachment to them, along with their 30 day statement of payments to vendors page.

todd flynn /span>>

to Ginnydkingscopeland
Please note the orders mentioned below in "Vendor Center" attachment which consist of all 12 of my orders completed with no payment whatsoever from as far back as 2/14/14. I also attached the Valuation Vision agreement with items that we are required to acknowledge--one of the main items would be that your standard agreement would be payments to be sent to vendors within 30 days.
Clear Capital, Asset Valuation and Marketing, and Consolidated Analytics all state what their payment schedule will be and consistently send payments within the allocated time frame--there should be no reason why your firm cannot perform the same task.
Given today is 5/4/14 I will give 10 days for your firm to remit a check for $830.00 to my home address of xxxxxxxxxx Port Allen, LA  70767 to avoid any further collection efforts including legal remedies.
Mark T. "Todd" Flynn
Shirley Kirby and Associates
147 Del Norte Ave.
Denham Springs, LA  70726
225-665-0228 office
225-330-9846 direct
Licensed to sell Real Estate in Louisiana

Do you have email addresses for these people???

There you go...

Ginny Hollingsworth <>,,


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