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Well, the email for Ginny got kicked back as undeliverable.  Her inbox must be full...:P

I like it.
I basically did the same thing to Broker Price Opinion for 4 bpos that they owed me on. They responded making promises to pay that never happened. I took them to Small Claims court, got my judgement and filed liens on the properties. Those 4 bpos are now nearing $200 each. The sad thing is is that whoever owns those properties now have cloud on title. 

I DID , I threatened to call their lenders, got paid in FULL and told them I would never work with them again.  They are operating on a show string, will promise you a check and it never comes.  Get tough with them

Hello Jeffrey,

I am owed approx. $2,300 from Valuaion Vision for BPOs performed from August thru December of 2014.

I call Erik, who is the person in charge of payments and he is constantly lying and making up stories as to why they have not paid but will soon pay, same lines week after week. I am finally fed up and I am writting letters to the state attorney generals of California and Florida (where I am located). First to California so that the state attorney can start a criminal investigation for fraud and the the Florida state attorney so that they can suspend/revoke Valuation Visions license to operate until they do pay. I will post their names and addresses in a few days, so that those affected can also write demanding action.

Julio A. Shea

O'Shea Realty of Miami

Don't hold your breath on expecting the Caliifornia AG to do anything. Last year I did 4 bpos for Broker Price Opinion just to see if they had cleaned up their act. They never paid and after 6 months and talking with a lawyer friend of mine I sent a letter to the California AG (Kamala Harris) and just got a letter back saying that the amount they owed me was a Small Claims matter and basically wished me good luck in solving the problem. 

Jinny's not the main one and more than likely not working at VV anymore...the other two were by far the most important and main decision makers at both of the firms (now merged as seen previously).

Stay away from REOPRO / IREOPRO / REO PRO CORP - They are a scam....

Still have not received Payment for Valuation Vision.... UGH

Hey at least I got a 1099 from Valuation Vision today.  At the rate they're going, I won't get one in 2015.

I got one today's a lock I won't be getting one for 2015.

what is the number for Valuation Vision, the number i am calling saying my account is locked 760 208 6400, just trying to get my money too

Hey I actually got a check from Valuation Vision this week!  It's about a third of what they owe me but its a start!

Received another check last Friday.  Perhaps there is movement?


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