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What period of time did the check cover?   My last check covered up to last July or August,  I think.   

Has anyone compiled a list of companies that do not pay? If so can I have a copy of the list?


It changes constantly. Read through the latest discussions entitled who pays and who doesn't. There are 2 of them.   There's also slow but eventual payers. 

No wonder they have hit record highs....

Zaio Achieves Record Pro Forma Monthly Unit Volumes in January 2015

They sent me about a hundred orders over the previous past 2 days.

Hi Stranger,

We've gone in circles with them but have been getting paid. I would do a few, wait for payment and then carry on in this manner. I spoke to Erick last week and had just received a check and now received and email that the balance would be paid next week. After that is received, it will be on a 45 day payment plan so they say.I'll let you know!

So how many did you take?  Risky!

None. They haven't paid me in full. They still owe me for September and October. They paid through August 2014 earlier this year. 

The last check I got was in October 2014 covering June.

Unfortunately I did more work and haven't seen anything since.  Poor poor Eric in payables hahaha paid to lie and has to live with it.  Wait til his paycheck bounces! 

They keep calling me with tons of orders that some fool is accepting for a pitiful $35.00 but I'm not doing any more work for them.

I doubt we'll every get paid...just waiting for them to bite the dust like other BPO companies that get us to do the work, they get paid and keep our money!!!  Really sad and typical foreign maneuver, can't carry on a simple phone conversation with names they can't even pronounce....use the American dummies. 

I had to threaten them with going to the Attorney General or their bank clients, got paid in full and I no longer will do work for them

Had many problems with them, stopped taking orders - took one year to get paid with numerous calls and emails.

Got a check from Valuation Vision today. 


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