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Anyone having troubles with this company

Ronald Sweeney, Realtor

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Like what? 

Getting paid

They have a long history of slow pay up to a year. I stopped taking their orders over 2 years ago. They finally paid up last year. I'm surprised that there were no discussions to be found here. I know VV was discussed in the past but probably now long ago.

I got paid for one after 60 days. They now owe me for about $400.00.

YEP.  Time to stop until they pay up.  You have to email and call frequently.

Ronald, I dropped them BEFORE completing an order due to the very very low pay they were offering in my area. It was like 17 dollars for a bpo and I laughed at them !

I always reply back. $45 for desktop and $85 for interiors. They approved them. No difference if they don't pay!

Never accept what they offer!  I always respond with my fee and they accept unless someone under bids me.

ya - they want to pay 35 and I guess someone will do them for that- they have one of the most time consuming forms to work and I never take them.

I actually like their form, at least for the desktop.

They are extremely slow to pay.  Sometimes it takes several phone calls.  Not worth the time invested to do the work and chase down the payment.

I found that they pay 45-60 days.  Steady income from them.  Started getting checks about first of every month.


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