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I stopped working for Valuation Vision sometime mid last year, and it took me until December for them to catch up on the back payment. Got a call from Key Link Valuation Services asking me to accept an interior order and I agreed, so it was assigned to me. When I logged in to their site, the tab at the top changed to say Valuation Vision and their form is exactly like the Valuation Vision form. I know they were bought out. Does anyone know if they are now operating as Key Link?

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Nope. I think they are just using the same software. Completely different company.  It IS odd that the header changed and I'd investigate further. I've been getting orders from both companies but Keylink  is associated with RMS, an asset company I work with.

Thank you Cece, that is good to know! I was contemplating asking them to reassign the order if it was Valuation Vision.

Note that I haven't accepted any of their orders. Keylink is too new to have payment history.   

LRS Loan Resolution, not RMS.  They all start sounding alike. .... 

I still get the occasional email from Valuation Vision. Never heard of Key Link Services.
VV doesn't have a very good track record of paying agents.

I would be careful, do this BPO and see how fast you get paid - then make decision if you want to work with them.  I had major problems with VV finally got all the money owed me


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