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I have 10 BPO's dating between November and January that I have not been paid.  Calls to their office get no where, just excuses.  They say they are trying to pay.  Meanwhile they are sending out orders they know that cannot pay for.  WARNING:  DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME.  THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU ANYTIME SOON

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I am having the same problem with them too.  Also Mark to Market (they used to be good, but not anymore) and  

I just called them since they owe me for 9 orders.  They said they will give it to a supervisor to expedite a check.  We'll see what happens.  Since other people are having problems, I'm done with them.

I was told that in Jan, Feb and March...  the check is in the mail....  They actually had the nerve to call me recently to see if I would take an order.  .....seriously????

Valuation Vision just went through a merger. I have 16 orders with them and was just sent a check for 9.  you should receive a check soon.  mark to market is in process of merger,  they say end of the month they will be caught up.

I've heard that excuse also...  

Same answer I have been getting for two months. No money yet!!

My VV orders went back to January

I was told the same.  The merger is complete and they are working on paying everyone within the next 2-3 weeks.  I also emailed the head of ZAIO on a CC:  so that is maybe why I got a response.  I have not accepted any new ones in several months but someone in my area is snapping them up.  Hope they don't get stuck. 

I also have about 40 orders waiting to get paid on dating back to November, do you have an e mail for this guy ZAIO?

Go into   they have some contact people there.  

I also contacted ZAIO head, however, prior to that I was told the checks were coming out

Do you remember who you contacted?  I went to and it appears to be out of Calgary(Canada).  The three people listed there are: David King – President and CEO, Craig Hauer - Chief Financial Officer and Brad Stinson – Chief Appraisal Officer.


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