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I keep getting requests to join. Does anyone have any experience with this company?

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I have done work for them.  You need to push back on their offered fee.  They go to market a little differently.  They have one agent take pictures and perfrom a site inspection and report.  Then another agent does the BPO.  My fee is $50, they typically only offer $35.  Remember pushback.  There system is nice.  For comps once you get the address in place they use some sort of database or data feed that auto populates most of the parameters in the form for comps.  They pay within 5 weeks or less.  Been about 2 months since doing any work for them.

WHats up with that two agent thing? I just did the comp work for $15 and its not worth it. WHy do they divide that out? I had to correct mistakes made by the person who took pictures and did the initial work.

Great Company, I've done some BPO's. They are Legit, and Pay On Time.


They don't pay!!!

I did one BPO for them back in July and have never been paid.  When I called about it they said they were in the middle of an acquisition and as soon as it was a done deal payments would start being sent.  I have gotten numerous request from the lately and I have turned them all down.  They are now saying the acquisition is almost complete and should expect payment within 30 days.  We shall see, but I am not holding my breath. 

A month ago they told me I would get paid and of course I have not.  I called them today and they said it would be another month.

I did one order for them and than was told by a good source they take about 6-8 months if your lucky.

I have done a couple of orders for them and they wanted me to take more but I have not received payment for the 1st one yet which was done over 5 months ago so I have declined.  So far they have not responded to my invoices about the work done.  Just not a good way to do business.

Well, Ive been doing BPOs for them for several weeks and am now worried about taking any more.

In my experience; this is a good Company. I am in Miami, Florida. even when I haven't done just a few. They have a friendly platform and good customer service. Also, they take from 7 to 14 days to pay. They have always pay me. I give them a thump up.

Have you done an order lately or received payment lately?

They take 60-90 days to pay- And that's because I hounded them after 60 days. Their reports are easy so it's up to you if you're willing to trade a slow pay for easy reports.


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