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I keep getting requests to join. Does anyone have any experience with this company?

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I am currently doing BPOs for Valuation Vision.  They don't pay much but I do get paid within 30 days from completion of assignment.

I got caught doing a few orders fro them at a lower rate now when they send me orders e-mail or call I ask them for a higher fee and they usually pay the higher rate they do sneek some of those lower orders in when I accept on my phone now I wait to accept on  a regular computer.

Thanks for that info.  I will ask for more.  I am ok with Clear Capital and Emortgage.  I am in Southern CA. Are there any more I can hook up with.  I can use more BPOs or listings.  Thank you.

Goodman Dean, Single Source Solutions, Be careful of those companies that want you to pay to be added on a list I have worked with all these companies for 5 years except Valuation Visions only about a  year they do pay but I have had to call and ask about my check if they are paying on a timely basis great. I have seen a few go under as well only one owed me money Evaluations Solutions in Fl. they owe a Realtors over $9 million nationwide my $950 bucks is in that total.

I wonder why some agents get paid from Valuation Vision within 30 days and some of us have not received payment for over 6 months.

You have to call and e-mail them in the beginning they did pay every 30 days until about 6 months ago now I have to keep e-mailing and calling to get payment

I have been doing that but no payment.

I recently got paid after my post. So Im not sure what got me paid. I had four other orders over the weekend but did not want to get stuck in the same boat, so I let them get cancelled. Im not risking doing BPos for them again.

Yes, I signed up with them earlier this year.  They do not pay!  They keep telling me that they are being acquired by another company and I will be paid in 60 days.  That was after I had waited 30 days.  No checks came.  Called them and they said the same thing....  

Then they wanted me to do more with assurance that I will be paid in 60 days.  Sorry, but I learned that lesson once before with a different company.  I will wait to be paid for the ones I have already done before doing any more

I did have a supervisor call me to let me know they should have everyone paid in the next two weeks or the first week in 2014   I did do some research and they are being acquired by a larger company at least they have not filed for bankruptcy like Evaluations Solutions did leaving me with $900 worth of unpaid invoices

I did the same thing called them and they told me check will be sent out...I liked there form  but all the time and gas for no payment is just unfair.

I an getting the same ridiculous story about the Zaio merger delaying payment.  It won't be delaying the banks paying Valuation Vision, so it shouldn't delay payments to agents.  It does not augur well for the future!  I would strongly advise people not to do work for this company unless you like working for nothing!


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