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I keep getting requests to join. Does anyone have any experience with this company?

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NEVER HEARD of them ever.

This is a new one on me for sure.

I, along with a few others that I know, have received an email saying to update our info, which none of us remember of ever signing up with them.  Something smell fishy...

Hi Trong,

Valuation Vision, a Kirchmeyer Group Company, is based in Oceanside, CA.

We specialize in residential property valuations nationwide and we are currently expanding our BPO division and vendor panel. The Kirchmeyer Group, which is based out of Buffalo, NY was founded over 18 years ago and is a leading AMC in the mortgage industry. We have a proven track record of prompt vendor payments and truly value our vendor relationships. If you have any particular questions about our company, please feel free to send any inquiries to, or call 760-203-6260. You may also visit our websites at or We look forward to working with you!

Do you have assignments in the Dallas Texas area?

I am signed with you guys and even I have not done so much BPOs cases. I have the best commendations for you with good relationship and payment on time. Your platform makes sense. Congratulations. 

they have not paid me since November for any bpo  quite doing them

need to pay Westmoreland 24 Bpo  since November.  2013   Really losing a lot of great companies by a no pay organization  ...Get it together

Has anyone else noticed that V.V is now paying $20 for some exterior reports?  Who would work for that little?

those are generally inspection reports not requiring comps

Why do you offer $35 when others offer more for exterior assignment? B of A offers $65 per assignment.  Plus I get auto deposit within days of completion.  Maybe you can raise your rates and pay quicker, more agents would sign up.  I have accepted but I would need more assignments at one time to make my time worth the trip to do these BPOs.  You expect a 24 to 48 hours turn around.  Paying agents should be the same.   In a timely manner.  I am still waiting payment for assignment done in January.  Not good.

When will you start paying for work done in December. I've called and been told that the pay is on hold until the audit is complete from the acquisition..


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