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I keep getting requests to join. Does anyone have any experience with this company?

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Have you received any payment lately?  I have not received payment on BPO's going back to June.

There are going down as a no pay for me. I did orders back in July. Called about payment 45 days later and they said 90 days from completion date. Called 100 days later and was told 2 more weeks. Called 2 weeks later and by then they said they didnt know. Ive been accepting as many orders as I can and delaying them for as long as I can and then tell them Im not doing the order till they pay me. Whats strange is Ive done it to about 10 orders and still havent been booted off their system. Im going to keep doing it till they boot me or get a clue. I rememeber when BPOs were one or no photo, one page, and $75.00 to $150.00 on exteriors. Realtors have to stop doing free work. I made $5000 to $6000 my first year in real estate off maybe 80 bpos a month.

Wow !  I cannot even count the $$$ that this wonderful network of agents on here have saved me. I haven't done any of their orders because I always check with you guys first.  THANK  YOU !!!!!

My issue is they only pay $25...





You have to let them know what you rate is $25 is a desktop rate where you just do comps and don't have to do the drive by

They had a huge drop recently but they only pay $35 for exterior BPO's. That's too low for me!

I have been getting requests from them for almost a year, but as you say, they only offer $35.  I logged on last week on an order to see if they had increased their price, but NO!  I get paid $50 or more, or I don't go, depending on distance.  Let 'em hire an appraiser if they don't want to pay us what we are worth!

Hello Sally,

I have and I am presently working with Valuation Vision. They pay slow but they do pay, however their rate is low, so that I limit acceptance of their bpos to no more than half of my daily volume.

Julio A. Shea

O'Shea Realty of Miami, LLC

Have you received a check from them recently?

I haven't done any for them based on the feedback I got from this network


I can share some pretty interesting things regarding their system/platform/and

procedures....ahem prices as well...and most importantly how long they take to pay and the best way

to get paid faster...Privately on LinkedIn is best...Privately, since I have already received calls from

Mainstreet/ and

Green River people about "defaming" their companies. You see, when forums like this empower agents like this with

POWERFUL INFORMATION...the BPO companies don't like that..their bargaining power gets's that simple

(Disclaimer- My company does BPO Data Entry Outsourcing and Order Capture- DO NOT CALL me for orders [some have],  I am not affiliated with the above mentioned company- we get information through our own intelligence gathering resources....because it affects my client base and our employees...and I would like to share the information and help everyone prosper- Please, Please for g*sh sake do not send me ANY of your information)

Your welcome 

Joey Singh
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They owe me and keep saying its is because of some merger the best companies to do business with are Clear Capitol they pay every 30 days and E Mortgage Logic they pay every two weeks


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