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I keep getting requests to join. Does anyone have any experience with this company?

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If you do work for them charge them more than the $35 they are going to ask you do BPO's for them on a 48 hr turnaround. I try to get $40 to $50 per order. I really don't like their 30 day net either but they do pay after a few e-mails and phone calls.

I get a minimum of $50 and up to $90.  I work in a rural area and most jobs are about 1 hour away and hard to find comps.

I have never had any issues getting paid by this company. I have recently received some work after being quite for a while. I will let you know when I get paid by them.

They still owe me money from months ago, I have called twice, I will not d

o anymore orders for them they don't pay much anyway...I get at least $100 from other companies.

Please share the companies that pay $100.00

I have done a few jobs for them.  Took around 6 months to get paid for one job and still waiting on another I did about 5 months ago.  I usually process jobs in 3 days or less.  I dont like waiting 6 months to get paid.

I did eventually get paid, albeit late.

I did 3 BPO's for them in Oct  of 2013 I got paid for one of them 2 months later. In Jan of this year I did 3 more. Still haven't got paid for the rest of them. I live in a rural area where its hard to find comps and I charge them between $50 and $85 depend on how far it is. I found out you need to get an address and look it up first to see if there are any comps.

The new owners are another evalonline and bponline group.  Dragging out payments is no way to operate.  They owe me $300 and I am hearing the same BS as the new owners of mark to market.  No integrity.  I won't do work for them any longer.

Valuation Vision participates in a "system" called Tri-merge. Three BPOs are ordered and melded together. No wonder they only pay $35.

I did 14 BPO's for them in December and January and have yet to receive payment for any of them.  The first 3 were done 70 days ago.  I contacted them and they told me due to the merger, payment would be sent out in 3 weeks.  That was a month ago.  Two days ago, after contacting them a few more times they tell me payments should be sent out in 30 days.  I emailed them back that same day and yesterday letting them know that is unacceptable and I need a check cut this week.  They are getting paid for the work I'm doing, so I should get paid in a timely manner.  No reply to that yet.  Safe to say, I'm done working with them or whoever it is they're merging with.

Agreed...I'm new to the game in here but old in the negotiation aspect of things...the company sent me an order late last night (1st one) wanting to pay $35--I basically in no uncertain terms demanded $75 or bust not really expecting a response. 

Sure enough this morning...I look in the "Current Assignments" area and they have it in my queue paying $75. We'll see how things go payment wise and won't make a habit of using them on a regular basis until I see payment on some of these.


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