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I keep getting requests to join. Does anyone have any experience with this company?

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A couple of days ago I did receive a check for 6 BPO's I did for Valuation Vision in December and early January.  I have also done several in February but did not expect to get paid for those yet.  

I did email and call them several times after hearing the problems other people have had getting paid by them so I imagine that helps get you paid faster.  Once my February payments are approaching the 45-60 day mark I imagine I'll have to call/email them several times again in order to get paid.  

Thanks for the info...i'll start sending them reminders now about payment combined with reminding them about the reputation they've received nationwide over non payment. I'll give virtually anyone a chance if they follow through no matter what their past looked like.

  never been paid also....

I have done 10 BPO's for them beginning in June of 2013.  I was told they would pay me within 30days, but never received anything but the same excuse over the phone for the last few months. 

Don't waist your time.

(I wish my first posting on this site was more positive)

Thanks for letting us know and being positive...

Hello Sally,

I have been performing bpos for them for about 6 months. They pay but very slow (120 days average). 

Julio A. Shea

O'Shea Realty of Miami, LLC

I have orders from as far back as June that I have not been paid for.

I have done work for them, and find them a good company to do business with.  Their fees are a little low, but negotiable.

They have not paid me for one yet since November

Valuation Vision has recently announced a merger with some Canadian company on the pink sheets....BTW...a press release is not FACT for public actual filing with the SEC or exchange is indication an event is or is going to happen....its like announcing an engagement of a couple...sometimes they don't make it to the alter.....I can tell you one thing members - at least 30+ of our broker outsourcing clients have stated that Valuation Vision owes them money from LAST year! You would be a $&@)$&! if you took anymore more work for them if you weren't guaranteed a payment...there is another company out there which is doing the same thing....I think you all know who it Colorado maybe?

(Disclaimer- My company does BPO Data Entry Outsourcing and Order Capture- DO NOT CALL me for any orders [some have],  I am not affiliated with the above mentioned company- we get information through our own intelligence gathering resources....This in not an advertisement- check with the vendor if they have orders and see for yourself- I do not want to have a political discussion with you about sharing helpful competitive information with your fellow Realtors....Because it affects my client base and our employees...and I would like to share the information and help everyone prosper for 2014- Please, Please for g*sh sake do not send me your information)

Joey Singh
Ameritax BPO Outsourcing Inc. 
Business Development
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Joey, thank you. Like I said I have been doing work for Valuation Vision however, I have not seen payment for any work performed. I am not sure how far back off hand it goes but my guess is 3+ months. Started questioning over this last month about their integrity. Thank you for the commentary


Time to threaten legal action if you think you are being deceived- I have to be careful I get calls from BPO vendor managements who don't like me because they think when i post "irresponsibly" it ruins their reputation....ummm I think if I find out about a bulk order and let the members know about it reduces the pricing power they have if brokers were ignorant- Thanks  Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez to stop that ignorance


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