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Very Interesting Topic(REO agents risk scrutiny under AG settlement)

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Thanks everyone for your input and it seems like  there is more than one scenerio going on. first the inflated BPO/Appraisal. What is the difference? The market value comes from the same information bank that we ALL use. the MLS.  Unless you grossly misrepresented the property ( and I have seen that), you as a BPO Broker have nothing to worry about.  I personally do my own reports from start to finish.  If something goes wrong it is me that makes the correction, however I have seen a BPO company change my report after the fact.  When that happens, I no longer do business with them. There are some bad BPO companies out there and hopefully they will be identified sooner rather than later.

Wow!! I had know idea that was happening, (I.E) BPO, company changing the BPO valuation, to fit their client’s needs, that is a definitely no, no, The inflated values is how partially how we got the housing bubble started, The Appraisers are being scrutinize as is,definately not trying to have that reoccurrence


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