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Does anyone have any information on their payment history. Good or Bad?

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This chain appears to be outdated but I am having troubles being paid by Walnut Ridge myself (over 60 days). Don Deinlein stated we, as agents, have to have our BPO's approved by an appraiser. This seems to be a poor way to do business in my opinion. We spend countless hours working and spending money on gas for an appraiser to let these lay on his/her desk until....... After the statement that we(agents) had to wait, I asked to be removed from his list of approved agents. The next thing I receive is "removed from reo assignment". Really? If we are not paid for the simple BPO's, what makes them think I will lay out repair funds and then have to wait 2-4 months to be reimbursed? STEER CLEAR UNLESS YOU HAVE THE $$$ TO INVEST IN HIM FOR MONTHS UPON MONTHS.


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