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We all complain on what the BPO firms are doing and paying--

Any one have any idea how to start our own BPO firm?

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Sorry no.  If I was that smart, I wouldn't still be doing BPOs......

being successful has little to do with be smart

LOL.  I think it's a vision thing....

First, we would have to development a superior product.  How do we do that?  Interview various lenders and servicers and ask what they need that they are not getting.  Ask what they would be willing to pay for such a product.  Then once we have the product and software developed (after getting crowd funding for all of the travel to potential clients, hiring the programmers, etc.), see if they are willing to sign on......

Then see if we have enough left over to pay for overhead and the real estate agents.... 

So I've got a "vision" to combat the lowering fees.  If anyone is interested in learning more and possibly partnering up please research what my company currently has to offer and then I can privately discuss the additional time-frame which would be needed to transition into a new service for agents.  Looking for primarily investors, salesman, and/or entrepreneur minded individuals.  Please write a letter of intent on why you would be a good fit.


John Gattinger

You can start a BPO firm by creating a name then signing a licensing agreement with Realty Pilot and you will have the most advanced system on the market. We also white label the system for you. It takes 15 minutes to setup and training is included. There is no programming and no IT costs.

That easy? 

where do you go to solicit accounts?


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