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"Welcome to Valuation Partners Vendors Panel" - Have you received this email request?

Within the last 7 days 2 members on our REO team received this email stating that an account has been created and we need to update our profiles for assignments BPO's and Property Inspections.  Please respond if you have any information about Valuation Partners.

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Got the same message here...  No info on them that's not in the Google search.  I have not replied yet as doing BPO work is not my central business model and I question my state regs on doing them.  I do my own AVM's and have REO's.  Trying for a bpo business would be tough and its chasing a really tight profit margin.  Does anyone know of people making good money with this type of business?
Billy, BPO for future REO only here. Hmmm. Well? Denise

Billy, I can speak first-hand of making good money with a BPO-based business.  We are currently completing approx. 300 BPO's (non-REO Assignment related) Valuations for multiple Vendors and utilize the BPO Automation Group Software that we were turned on to from this very forum. 


For the month of September our numbers were 283 BPO's, just over 250 of them paid in full prior to 10/15/2011 (when the BPO Dept. P&L is run), and our income volume was just shy of $10k total revenues.  After paying our staff (data entry/photos) and covering the costs of the software, there was still just over $3,400 in net/net/net profits.  34% profitable while being able to stimulate the economy and giving (3) new jobs... Win/Win/Win!

I got an email today from them requesting me to update my license info. I think I signed up with them 2 years ago and don't remember getting any work from them. But for the most part I no longer do BPO anyway. They are not worth my time and effort any more for the few I did get.


I went ahead and signed up with them, as I had not previously been signed up here.  I will surely let the group know if we begin getting new assignments from them.

-Josh @ Facebook


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