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Went from 10 to over 700 linkedin connections in a day from toplinked got my google ranking up a little

So i went to toplinked and paid 50 bucks to get a list of 2000 people to request... it was easy did it 500 people at a time copy and paste. I would however make sure you switch what email things go to as I got 700 emails with all of those lol.


Anyone have any success on this site, active rain, or know of any other good sites to help grow your business. I might be willing to give you my 2000 contact list (they are just 4 excell sheets with peoples emails only but work!) if you can help me out



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Love ActiveRain. I've received some good referrals from there. My opinion is its hard to beat REOPRO. There's Broker Agent Social and agentonline. Those are the two I can think of off the top of my head.
I would think that this just reduces the value of LinkedIn. If all you need to do is buy a list of names then why take anyone on this site seriously?
How did Toplinked help with Gooogle?
I dont understand a thing you just said. I wish I did, because it sounds like it must be good. Getting 2,000 of anything for $50 is a steal these days!
I will check it out.


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