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What Blog/Web platform do you use? Join the "REO Tool Share" Group to discuss...

I have questions on WordPress and if there are any others you'd suggest... please join my "REO Tool Share" group to discuss... thanks! 

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Active Rain-get tons of business from it :)
I use blogspot. It was chosen for me by my blogging assistant. It seems to work.
I'm looking for a blog site that can also be a website... to build an interactive website based on a blog platform. Has anyone used WordPress? It's a blog site you get for free, but then you add your domain name to it and pay designers to create a webpage around the blog page... if anyone's done this, please let me know!
I agree with Julie, if you are trying to get business blogging on Active Rain or Trulia is a great way. If you want to link a blog to your existing web site then word press or blogspot seem to be the most popular.


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