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I know he is a Realtor, but I think he is a scam artist. I got con by someone from his office - Tim. I asked him was there going to any presentation on Short Sale and REO. He mentioned there was a person there that will talk about REO. I also asked is this going to be a seminar to promote a product to buy into. Will it turn out there was no REO presentation and Craig was trying to promote the Quantum Leap System. There were not much people signing up for the Quartum Leap System - probably about two or zero. The seminar was a big disappointment as well as a waste of time and money ($295). ... I have been to Mike Watson 2 day free seminar and his was the best two day free seminar I ever attended. ... There was nothing that Craig presented that was worth $295, plus the $9 parking fee. I also been to other free seminars that were worth the time to stay and learn.

I did called their office and sent emails to them for a refund. They don't bother to return your messages. So if any of you sign up on any of Craig Proctor's product, don't expect to get a refund, if they don't delivery. They are hard to get a hold of, but if you have payment they will call you. That is what seems to work.

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Craig Proctor's doing the same thing others are doing....cashing in on the REO's. Everyone is trying to sell us on how to increase our business...agents beware, they are everywhere!


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