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I got so many last week , but now they have dissapear .

Lets start the Hot BPO company of the week,

for me was Emortgage Logic last week , which one is yours this week?

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The BPO companies CLEARLY state YOU are to take the photos, select the comps, etc.....that is why we have the real estate licenses.....

Mine is pcv murcor


PCV Murcor, Clear Capital
Tampa, FL - Fort Myers, FL ::: AltiSource has been largest, month after month.  I did get a few from CoreLogic in both Sept & Oct, as well as several from Old Republic, Main Street Valuations, Mark2Market, Secured Lending Services, and Valuation Support Services.  I just registered for the PCV Murcor, as I had not previously known about them (thanks!).

Hi Ira, how do I signup/website for AltiSource? I'm in Atlanta


Cheryl, follow the following link:


Best of luck!!!

Thanks, Chris - beat me to it :) Good luck, Cheryl!

Thank you  Chris!

Ira and I actually run our business in a very similar fashion.  However, I use 1 photographer per county and pay $12.50 per exterior and $17.50 for an interior.  My keyer(s) are paid on performance at a rate of $10 an order.  At the end of the day I average $42 per BPO and after expenses yield 35%.  My volume is roughly 400 bpo's per month but have noticed a decline in volume over the past 2 weeks.


Currently, LSI and FAMS have been providing the best volume as I received 16 orders from LSI yesterday, 5 of them being interior orders, in addition to 9 assignments from FAMS.

Chris, who is LSI & FAMS?  I would love to be able to bump my data entry pay up a bit, but we would have to eliminate some of these $40 BPO's and replace them with more of the $50+ BPO's to warrant that trade-off.  Thanks!
They would be First American Mortgage Services and LSI is a division of LPS or Lender Processing Services.  Both can be found very easy on the web and are also mentioned on several discussions here.  Inbox me if you have issues locating them.
Will do, Chris! Thanks!


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