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I got so many last week , but now they have dissapear .

Lets start the Hot BPO company of the week,

for me was Emortgage Logic last week , which one is yours this week?

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At one time I averaged between 18 and 24 orders per day. I had 2 assistance.

Does anyone know how to get a new  vendor account with Altisource? Whenever I'm calling them, they say we don't accept new agents in your area, but I hear from others that they do accept new agents....

This week for me is none, and last week it was that I could hardly keep up. I do not know what is going on, but this is my only income.

I am wondering what is going on.  I took the webinar for the new site and then told I could not access it.  I also for the past 10 days been trying to clear up what ever problem is.  No results


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