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Where would you spend your money to find more listings

Since the REO market is changing, but there are many distressed properties out there? Where should we be to be in the front line? What do you do to get more REO or Regular Listings?

I have spent few thousands on lead generating companies, subscriptions, seen agents spent on trulia, Zillow,tigerleads and so on.

Where do you spend your money to get more listings

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My friend, Ive been a real estate broker for 34 years and have seen the tides change over and over. Its a horrible market now in most places. Too many brokers and too little inventory. No one has enough equity to sell, or the banks are not letting go of REO and theyare screwing around with short sale offers and not taking them. They dont want to, you see. Our government backs the banking system agaisnt lossesd and they now want to hang onto inventory for appreciation plus goc spiffs they get if it foreclosed on instead of worked out or sold short. So what do you do? Concentrate os short sales by trying to find homeowners in distress. ALmost all who are trying for loan modifications will be turned down. Thats the ugly truth. When they are, its either FC or short sale. Go to title company and loow for NODs filed then contact and live with those people.  You can also go after the regular non distressed market and there are amillion ways. Think of it this way---all you need is for people to know what you do. How many ways can you think of? Take a day and a pad of paper. You can buy paper placemats and give them free to restaurants. You have kids crayon games, info tips on tins, and of course your smiling face and phone. You can have your company name printed on expensive undergarments and give thwm free to women of the evening who work the state capitol building areas. That way you get all the politicians!  lol Point is be creative. Good, old fashioned door to door has ALWAYS worked for me. I took a newbie several years ago. He wqas a jogger so I loaded him up with 1,000 fliers that had rubber bands stapled to them He walked areas with homes that were close to each other and placed all 1,000 in a month period. That year he made $99,000 in commissions from that one thing.  Good luck---we all need it.

Good tips!!! Marvin.....especially the undergarments. :) LOL

Excellent advice. Good old fashioned hard work. Get your name out there. Be honest, most of my business is by referral but I could always use more. Thank You for the tips, Jean Marino

Marvin: Thanks for the tips. Always looking for new and innovative methods to get listings. Soooo tired

of the expensive radio ads.

Would you be willing to share your postcard with me? I am a broker in Wyoming. Don't know where you are

located but don't think my using your postcard style would interfere with you business.

Thanks so much

My email is

Warm regards,


Marvin, great info. Can I get a copy of what your postcard looks like my email

Good am Marvin, read the conversation.  Could you also forward me a copy of the Post card.

Thank you. 

Hi Marvin,

Just ran across your July 2014 comment and found it very informative and interesting. I'm in MIchigan and could use some new ideas for post cards. If you're still sharing, please send me a copy as well. My email address is

Thanks a bunch and have a great 2015 !!

I'm a Broker in California and I'm focusing on branding myself in the city where my office is located.  I spend less than $100 on seller leads.  I work distressed properties looking for short sales.  I spend some time with social media, blogging, craigslist and door knocking.  Also I mail a few postcards to designated/targeted homeowners.

Hugo - I have a mailing list of 3 counties, all landowners outside a city limits. I mail postcards - 1,000-1,500 a month to every landowner every six months.

I carry 30-50 listings at all times.

It is a slow process to make your mailing list but it do get listings. I have them filed by STR and update every 2-3 years.

Is it possible for you to send me a copy of your postcard? I would appreciate it. My email address is Thank you in advance!

Marvin, may I have a copy of your successful postcard as well? I'm in Ann Arbor Michigan so I don't think we compete! thanks so much, your advice is always sound and sensible!

I will really appreciate if you can share you successful postcards with me i am a Realtor in Chicago My email address is

I am totally new in the market Please send me more tips if you can. 


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