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Where would you spend your money to find more listings

Since the REO market is changing, but there are many distressed properties out there? Where should we be to be in the front line? What do you do to get more REO or Regular Listings?

I have spent few thousands on lead generating companies, subscriptions, seen agents spent on trulia, Zillow,tigerleads and so on.

Where do you spend your money to get more listings

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Hi Cece - That is exactly why I will not post the stuff willy nilly everywhere. I want to know who is requesting and where they are located.

My system is not a matter of national security or anything, and I am sure some others are doing something similar, but I do not want to give my local agents any fancy ideas.

BTW, Marvin, I like your postcard. I am doing an expired postcard campaign now for the ones I can't find phone numbers for. 

  1. Call
  2. If no contact, mail postcard with a (somewhat) unique proposition.
  3. If no contact and its a property I really want to list, mail postcard AND go door-knocking and leave a door hanger if not home.

So far, my ROI is reasonable. I'm trying to turn it into a juggernaut by the Spring though!

And all those signs bring buyers! I capture the phone numbers for the recorded info line and also have a "text for details" number on my flyers, which are deliberately vague to make the potential buyer have to call or text for the details. They get a return text automatically with a link to that listing on my website, and THEN I have their number to call them on and they have a pretty nice property search website that is geared to mobile!

Fun stuff. I like being busy in October!

Hi Marvin,

Would like your postcard too


Hello Marvin,  Can you also send me a copy of your Post Card, I'm from New York City.  My e-mail is:  Thanks.

Hi Marvin,

Would you be kind enough to send the questions on the postcard  to me ( Im from NYC and I don't think we compete. Thank you in advance!

Hello, Marvin,
I've been trying to farm my subdivision for a while. I sent out post cards and neighborhood market activities. Each time only to find someone listed with other realtors instead. I'd love to see what your post cards are like to make mine more effective. Thank you for sharing with us generously!

REO Companies are going over board with weekly reporting, photo's each week. A lot of the times you need to make reports and take photo's sometimes six months before they decide to list the property. I think what happens is they want REO brokers to manage there properties and keep utilities on so they don't have to spend money paying someone to do it. More and more there over pricing the listing at first which also affect the sale of the property and the time on the market. We have also found that they are putting off repairs that need to be done. So it has become harder to be an REO Broker in this market. I would like to say after 27 years in the business this has to be the hardest time to be in the real estate business.

Best of Luck to Everyone have a great 2015

Marvin, thank you for the information, I appreciate the tips. Please send a copy of the postcard to

Again, thank you!!!!

My biggest source of clients is still referrals.  Stay in contact with your previous clients and Don't be afraid to ask for referrals.

Thank you Marvin for the generous offer,

I would appreciate a copy of the card as well.

Hi Marvin,

Will you please send me a copy of your postcard? My email is

Thank you very much!


@ Marvin- Lot of good tips on getting leads- But this one made me  ROFL-  

 '' You can have your company name printed on expensive undergarments and give them free to women of the evening who work the state capitol building areas. That way you get all the politicians!  lol ''

Have a Great Weekend!


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