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Where would you spend your money to find more listings

Since the REO market is changing, but there are many distressed properties out there? Where should we be to be in the front line? What do you do to get more REO or Regular Listings?

I have spent few thousands on lead generating companies, subscriptions, seen agents spent on trulia, Zillow,tigerleads and so on.

Where do you spend your money to get more listings

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I don't believe you should spend your money, other than taking a class for loss mitigation. I know of a few agents who get them regularly, but not many.  One particular agent did just that, took the class ( which I took as well ), and a few months later was awarded her first reo listing. She did a great job, in very little time, and went on from there. All it takes is to get your first one, do a tremendous job in the shortes time with the highest and best price possible. Show the banks you can handle any and all issues that occur. This is the only way I know of. If anyone has an easier way, please let me know. I do know one thing, never pay for business. Jean Marino

do you get reo list as well or you partnered with your connections that you mentioned

LEAVING THE GROUP - the 100s of SPAMS I get every day has to stop. I have changed my email address to Leaving the group because trying to change the email address requires a photo and I do not have any that the software will accept. If any of you have any suggestions as to how I can change my email address here, please let me know at

Hello All,
Thank you so much for all your replies! With Zillow and Trulia competing with us by using our own listings, it makes me think how we should be marketing ourselves. It seems old school way is still the best way. Thank you for sharing your best techniques and if we could continue sharing it will help us all. Best wishes to you all

Well, for one thing thing we SHOULDNT ALLOW SYNDICATION! We own the MLS we should keep it to ourselves. Nuff said. The bst results I ever had was small plain blue postcards that had 6 check boxes. Things like "I want to know my homes value" etc. The thing was, these were PAID RETURN POSTAGE!  We got almost 20% return. Hmmmmwhy have I not thought of that again the last ten years??

Marvin, would you mind to share your postcard? I like the idea

Hugo - Happy to share, but I need your email address.


I would appreciate very much if you could share the postcards for the out-of-town landlords and the paid post return  postage.  I would like also to know in what market areas are you working?  my email is

Hey Marvin,  I appreciate the help. Please send it to

Marvin, Can I get that postcard also?

Marvin - I would love to have a copy of your postcard as well!  My email is  BTW, I'm in Jacksonville FL.

Thanks so much!


Hello Marvin,

Would you share these postcards with me as well?  I'm a Realtor in California.

My email address is

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you,



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