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Who has worked with Team Lear asset management Company in Colorado?


Who knows "Team Lear" as asset management company: I received a call today from an Asset Management Company "Teamlear" from Colorado. The spokes person, Ms. Jordan claim she is the asset Manager, that she wants me to do BPO for her company and that all the BPO's l do will result in REO which l will be listing for them. She furher said that she will be requesting me to deposit $400 for the home maintanace, a one time fee. Then l will pay $54.00 for the software to use for their program. I do not belief her, but has anyone heard about this company or did any business with them? I know am not paying any money to them.

Are they fraud or real? They have a website:

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I was contacted yesterday by them.  I am pretty positive they are what was called I REO Pro which is a total scam.  Their website and the platform for the bogus BPO's is very similar.  It was the same pitch as I REO Pro was using pay $400. and you will be paid $40. dollars for a BPO.  I let the gal say her speel and then asked for names and phone numbers of agents who are working for them now.  I thankfully googled the name of Team Lear while I was talking to her.  I am so glad I did that.  I was burned by I REO Pro but was able to dispute the $400. fee with my credit card.  I have learned that BPO companies that are legitimate do not charge a sign up fee.

yes I was contacted by Briana Rice.  The other big clue the background sounds like a call center.  They have a virtual office.  THEY ARE A SCAM they are part of REO PRO CORP  I wish we could get the attorney general's office.

Got the call today, she gave me 3 addresses when i told her i don't pay to play. She said i will let the lender's and the county know that you no longer want to work REO's, what a joke. I'm glad i was able to type the telephone number in and this discussion came up on Google.

NEVER. Sounds like a scam.

Here's my encounter with them on 4/22/2015. The "Asset Manager" Jordan Douglas called looking to place two Aspen properties. She was unfamiliar with Aspen and thought it was an old mining town, which is the first line of the second paragraph on the towns wikipedia page. I found this odd since she said they were out of Denver, but after the conversation I realized she said "we are out of Denver", not that she lived in Denver. I have never had an Asset Manager try to sell me on taking a property, but she was giving it all she had.

The two properties she needed to assign were valued around $3,300,000 and $1,800,000. Upon hearing this, she became very surprised and a bit giddy saying that we were going to make some money on these ones. I have sold large properties like these and the AM always knows that they are a big deal because they have management breathing down their necks. The $3.3M property just had the notice filed, but the $1.8M property had gone back to the lien holder on that very day and as luck would have it the lien holder was a private party. I got in touch with him and he said he had never heard of Team Lear and had no intention of selling the house at this point. He was going to call his attorney.

The Team Lear literature she emailed me was intentionally vauge, I believe. It didn't mention the addresses or if they really had the property to assign. To get the address in writing I emailed Jordan Douglas asking who would be handling the eviction on the property if it was occupied. She said that she would, but I would need to do occupancy. 

My vote is fraud. It is just a coincidence that I was able to speak to the lien holder. Most of these will likely have a commercial bank and nobody willing to comment on whether Team Lear is legit or not. 

I love you did the research.  Last time when Reo Pro Corp did their scam, they stated they worked for various trustee companies.  I emailed the legal counsel of the trustee companies and they confirmed they never worked with them.

I really wish we could put companies like this out of business.  I am pretty positive this Team Lear is just a new name for the same company Reo Pro Corp.  I am sick of this type of fraud

Just got a call today regarding accepting 2 properties in my zip code which is great right.  They told me they have their own platform at and that it cost $454, to which I said sure send me the orders and I'll sign up.  They sent me both orders, but no addresses and when I tried to log in it does not let me in saying I'm not active.  I asked the asset manager what source gave them my contact info and she told me Chase.  I have never signed up with Chase, nor does Chase have my information.  Can't wait to get their call tomorrow.

They called me also. SCAM.  I don't pay for listings or BPOs.

Kinda sounds like irepro. Same scenario. I haven't gotten anything yet. I have been keeping track on Property Radar on the properties I've done BPO's for. 1 loan was cured, so no listing there. The rest are still pending their auction dates. There is only 1 that appears to have foreclosed. I left a message with the person I'm working with at ireopro yesterday and emailed him today to see if I'm getting the listing or if I've been taken for a ride. We shall see. I mention this, because it was handled the same as you describe. I heard ireopro is also working under other names. Not sure if this is true or not. 

I am hoping you put the fees on your credit card as you can dispute it and the credit card company will refund you the fees and then go after them.  As I said they told me they worked for various trustee companies yet when I contacted their legal counsel the company stated they did not work for them.

The other thing I did was ask iREO Pro to forward me a sample BPO.  Which they did, on the sample was the name of an agent and their phone number.  I called that agent and he had done 10 BPO's over months with no listing assignments.  I also forwarded the CEO of iREO Pro the various blogs about the company.  I did a conference call with him and asked him to email me the names of other agents they had given assignments to.  Needless to say nothing was ever sent.  I do think they need to be turned in to the Attorney General.

Yes, it's on credit card. My husband wanted me to follow along with the BPO's I did to see what happens to the properties. Most are going to auction in May and then there is the one I've just inquired about. I want to see what happens about that. 

I have seen that other people that requested their money back, got a refund. I saved the information they originally sent me, saying if I don't get 1 reo listing in the first year, they will refund my money. If they turn out to be a scam, then I will file a complaint. Meanwhile, if they don't refund, then we will dispute with credit card and get our money back that way. 

It really ticks me off there are these scammers out there. All I wanted was to get into the REO's and there are apparently so many of these  fake companies taking advantage of us when all we want is to earn a good living. 

Yes, I stated to Eli Greene who is supposed to be the CEO that I wanted my money back.  They would not give it.  The credit card company will not give you a refund after one year.  This is why they state this one year time frame.  I am telling you they do not pay for the BPO work.  I completed 3 and did not receive one dime.  Try other companies that do pay like Solutionstar, or Asset management outsourcing, or Disposolutions.  This company is a fake.  There is no coincidence so many agents have confirmed this.  I know hope springs eternal but they are liars.


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