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Who has worked with Team Lear asset management Company in Colorado?


Who knows "Team Lear" as asset management company: I received a call today from an Asset Management Company "Teamlear" from Colorado. The spokes person, Ms. Jordan claim she is the asset Manager, that she wants me to do BPO for her company and that all the BPO's l do will result in REO which l will be listing for them. She furher said that she will be requesting me to deposit $400 for the home maintanace, a one time fee. Then l will pay $54.00 for the software to use for their program. I do not belief her, but has anyone heard about this company or did any business with them? I know am not paying any money to them.

Are they fraud or real? They have a website:

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one word  AVOID

I unfortunately came across this forum too late. I got the call from Team Lear a couple of weeks ago. Going off the concept that "you have to spend money to make money" and the fact that the rep. stated that I could get my money back if I wasn't satisfied or didn't get three listings in 12 months. Well they sent me the three BPOs to do and as of today I haven't completed them, trying to see how legit these guys are. I have yet to hear from them regarding the completion of the BPOs. I know with other BPO companies and REOs that I'm working on, if the BPO isn't in on-time, I get a call a couple of hours after the due date/time. This is how I found out that Team Lear is a SCAM.

I put the fees on my credit card. How do I go about putting in a claim with the credit card company to get my money back and have them go after Team Lear for the money. I read somewhere in this forum that someone did just that. Please advise.

Thank you.

Yes, you have to call the credit card company and file a written letter to them of what happened.  You can also copy and paste the link to this forum in your letter.  The credit card company will refund you the money while the matter is in dispute.  Tell them this company purports fraud on real estate agents and they do not assign assets.  So you paid for something you will never receive.  They should refund your credit card then they will contact these folks.  Tell them they have also operated as iREO Pro and other names.  They are a scam.  There are blogs on this company here and on Linked In

Thank you Catherine,

I will do just that. I'm glad I found this forum. Thanks again.

non se·qui·turˌnän ˈsekwədər/noun
  1. a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.

I just received a call Friday 5-15 from a Lear "Asset Manager"Olivia Palmer stating that I was referred to her by another banks asset manager.  We are active REO brokers and I asked her why she called me , didn't she have anyone in this area?  She said that the other agent (name) retired and they were seeking someone experienced.  She explained the 3 properties in our area that they needed BPO's done within 72 hours.  I said we could pay to get the utilities on, we always do and then get reinbursed.  We are to talk again Monday and I will probe to find out.  I visited their website and they show NO Assets whatsoever for sale. And yes $49.00 for Internet portal usage. 95% sure this is scam...  I am going to ask her for some active REO brokers on their staff as references.

Is there anything positive about Team Lear?  I just received a call from Paul Miller, Lear Asset Management Company and, of course, he needs $400 and $49 set up fee . . . LOL!!

Please stop "bad mouthing" Team Lear Asset Managers!! 

They are in the Business just like we are!!!!

Paul Miller is a 'Good Guy' --  I shall remember him and I am willing to work with Paul!!!

What did he say you get for your money?  How do you know he's a good guy?  Are you in the business of fleecing your customers?

Have you done any deals with them? I just paid $449.00 and they gave me 3 assets. However I never received the email he was supposed to send me. I feel this is a scam. He said they are working for Wells Fargo and our platform login PW was wellsfargo as well. However only 1 is a Wells Fargo Asset and the other 2 are not. All still in pre-foreclosure.

Did you sign a Master Listing Agreement?   What were the terms of the assignments?   If these guys were legit, there would be some success stories here.   No legit company charges like that to get listings. 

I received a call from  Olivia Palmer - AM with the Lear Team, with the same pitch.  It sounded very much like the other old company, that called me several years back.  I can't remember the name, when I was stupid enough to spend $300. and was new to REO.  They have went up in price since then.  I also asked her to email me with all the information, just to have a record. Unbelievable the number of people that have no ethics or integrity.


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