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Who has worked with Team Lear asset management Company in Colorado?


Who knows "Team Lear" as asset management company: I received a call today from an Asset Management Company "Teamlear" from Colorado. The spokes person, Ms. Jordan claim she is the asset Manager, that she wants me to do BPO for her company and that all the BPO's l do will result in REO which l will be listing for them. She furher said that she will be requesting me to deposit $400 for the home maintanace, a one time fee. Then l will pay $54.00 for the software to use for their program. I do not belief her, but has anyone heard about this company or did any business with them? I know am not paying any money to them.

Are they fraud or real? They have a website:

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Just another scheme.  Why would an agent have to pay a home maintenance deposit much less for software?  Out of Colorado?  I believe that is where all of the other $400 schemes come from.  

Hi Bayo, I just received the same call. They are much like the other company that was out there, I believe it was REO Corp. Why should we pay $449? Whether they are legitimate or not, who really knows. I am grateful for this form that helps to expose what appears to be very unscrupulous behavior.

I just received a call from this company this morning. I questioned the caller about the deposit(fee) they requested. He states that it is refundable after closing the first sale. He did give me three address in my area, I looked them up and they are in NOD, but not bank owned so I would call this bogus. I have never had an asset manager ask me for a deposit before assigning me a listing. When I told the caller that I would be willing to handle the utilities and other sale related expenses, as I do for some banks he said he would waive the $450. deposit. I will do the BPO and see what happens but I would never send someone money for an REO listing.

Please file a report here.  The state of Colorado said because it crosses state lines, it is federal.

Colorado will also start looking into them if there are enough complaints.

I have a friend who been asked the same.  How can he file a complaint?

thank you.

Hi Travis, did you get the listing from Team Lear?  I just got the call to do a bpo on a million dollar listing from team lear along with the $450 deposit to be refunded as soon as the property is listed by me.  So is this for real or not?  Let me know.  Thanks!

I think you already know the answer to this one, Jerri.  They are a fraud.

Yep, if it sounds too good . . . I am going to continue to follow this thread and hope we can do something concrete to stop them.

Common sense is the only thing that will stop them. 

that's pretty harsh.  so those of us who got taken have no common sense. I think its more to do with experience and due diligence.

No. During a subsequent phone call with someone who claimed to be above the "asset manager" told me that she did not have authority to have been "assigning" me those listings and he apologized. Good times.

They are making the rounds on the call list. BEWARE. I just got called. I told her I would be happy to pay the $400.00 one time fee at closing of the property she wanted to send me. She said the fee for the software was $49.00. She is going to talk to her boss and see if we can arrange that. I told her I was checking title on the properties to see if the NOD had even been filed she said there is no need to do that we do all the Title work. HAHA.


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