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Who has worked with Team Lear asset management Company in Colorado?


Who knows "Team Lear" as asset management company: I received a call today from an Asset Management Company "Teamlear" from Colorado. The spokes person, Ms. Jordan claim she is the asset Manager, that she wants me to do BPO for her company and that all the BPO's l do will result in REO which l will be listing for them. She furher said that she will be requesting me to deposit $400 for the home maintanace, a one time fee. Then l will pay $54.00 for the software to use for their program. I do not belief her, but has anyone heard about this company or did any business with them? I know am not paying any money to them.

Are they fraud or real? They have a website:

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Jesse, were you able to get any traction for a class action suit against this company.  They got me in a weak moment and though I disputed it with my CC company who refunded the money, they say they have done no wrong and have charged my card again!

Please let me know if you have gotten any interest in this. 

I am in Florida and I was contacted by Diane Patrick back in early July with the same song and dance. It was not until I came across this thread, that I realized I too fell victim to their scam, so I quickly contacted my credit card company and disputed my charges. This was definitely a learning experience and thankfully I received my $449 back from my bank. Thank you all for the heads up!


I got call yesterday. He asked if I worked at so and so zip code.  He was talking about exterior BPO details that needs to be done in 48-72 hours, then I will be eligible for listing that as REO. RED FLAG!!!!! - Why would you do exterior only if that is REO, unless is occupied right?  Once I was involve in conversation he said there is a small deposit fee. I said I do not pay upfront, I might be O.K. with referral fee tho. He just kept talking about small deposit fees. NO THANKS 

walk away AS FAST AS YOU CAN....SCAM ARTIST they pop up every so often.  the name alone scares me

BEWARE it's a scam!

Team Lear offered a property to a fellow Realtor I know.  She let me know about this company.  Of course, the first think I did was check them out on this site and sent her that information, letting her know BEWARE SCAM.  She had sent them the fee they asked and of course believed them that she would get her money back .  Lucky for her, she had done a BPO on the property they promised her for another company.  She called that company, who gives her listings, and asked if they would look up the property for her.  Sure enough, it was a property in their inventory and Team Lear would never be able to assign it to her.  Anytime you are asked to pay for listings, check them out.  Luckily, her credit card canceled the transaction

Not sure how many of you have been specifically following my post on this thread but, here is an update for you....

UPDATE!! "Brandon" has contacted the Illinois State Attorney General's office and filed a complaint, REF # OAG2015-000013893. For anyone who wants more information on Brandon's complaint, please contact the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Illinois, here is the website.

I think it would be in everyone's best interest to see if the

If the what?

Everything I can find on them, including the BBB, has their address as 2373 Central Park Blvd. Suite 100 Denver CO 80238. What does Illinois have to do with it? I would like to file a complaint because I was also contacted by them and have an email from them which has obvious violations of real estate law. The link to their "website" brings up a security warning on my computer as unsafe and possible phishing site. They have a FB page and twitter account to make them appear legit but all they do is post the daily link to DS News, which we probably all get daily, too. There is nothing of substance on the page. I have a feeling there is a former REO agent involved in this scam.

They are probably both phantom locations.  Google shows the Illinois address in the middle of a street.  Ask the Whistleblower, Brandon, where he physically worked and what bank he got paid from.


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