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Why can't they accept my $500,000 Errors / Omission ???

Errors and Omission is under $1mill; most asset management co. are ok with $500,000 and a lot of them services the same banks as other asset management companies that requires $1mill E / O.

Why can't they accept my E&O at $500,000 ???

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Can't an exception be made?

Hi Roody, all my asset managers have required 1 million. I've found that's pretty common to require 1 million. 

My E/O expires in 2 months; I think I'll upgrade.

Not sure where you're located, I'm in the North East. I doubt the cost will be too much higher as long as you haven't had any issues. Unfortunate cost of doing business. 

I'm located in Brooklyn, NY. - where are you located?


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