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Hi all--coming up on the annual renewal for RES.NET/AMP, which I signed up for in Feb. 2010 after receiving the great news that I would receive listings from Excellen REO; now, one year later, and still not sure when Excellen REO will be assigning listings, it's time to decide what to do; I'm sure most of you are in the same predicament as we were all notified at about the same time. Are you renewing on RES.NET? And if so, are you paying extra for AMP?

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Hi David,

I think we are using for other REO companies but I would not renew for Excellen REO until they have assets. They said you would have 30 days once your received an asset from them.   Might as well hold off spending $$$ when we can.

I have been signed up for two years and this has not been good for me. I'm busy with other REO business and BPo's but nothing from RESNET and AMP We were sold a bill of goods. I have been working on REO and Bank business for ten years with other agents at my office also working on these projects. Very unhappy with the whole deal. I think there are a lot of companies out there selling them selves and than they say if you spend more you will get more just because it will help you get picked up by shopping asset managers. This is all a big bunch of bull. Good luck I'm not going to keep spending the money. If the government would get out of the way and stop the banks from doing there jobs we would all be better off. All they have done for the last two years is mess everything up for all of us including the banks and lenders. Loans are harder to get and closing are taking longer and banks still don't have everything in order to go forward to closings. They have Title they say and when it comes time to go to closing the deeds aren't recorded and other paper work is missing.
I have been with for about a year and a half now, and I've rec'd a lot of business through them, both reo listings and bpo work-very well worth the investment.  I tried out the amp last summer with a trial period, didn't see that that venue was worth what they were charging.  Basic membership works.
Hi David, Nelson and Susan--thanks for your responses. You're right, David, I do recall Excellen saying that you had 30 days to join after receiving your first assignment. Appreciate the reminder. Susan, good for you on the assignments you've received through That's great news. I have only received BPO's.
I'm not going to renew AMP but will continue with  There is no need to have AMP in my opinion, not worth the $$$


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