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I became a member over a month ago and love it. Lots of valuable information and training. Soon I'll be able to go through their courses and I can't wait! Last week there was the conference call and I heard you ask great questions Jesse! Their marketing strategy makes sense for both sides of the industry, not just REO Agents (seasoned and new) but also the AM's which is awesome. My opinion - it encourages us all to work together more as a team instead of people maintaining the gimme gimme attitudes. I'm hoping to be able to sign up for the Executive level. It is pretty costly for someone like me who is breaking into the REO's but it's definetly worth it and will pay off throughout my business. As soon as I can I will.

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Hi Elizabeth...can you do me a favor and blog about your experience on the main blog page. I would love to let everyone hear about your experience. I have had several agents ask me but, I keep telling them to blog about it and hear what others are saying however, no one has.....just too chicken I guess, LOL.


When and if you purchase, use the link on the main page or their banner ad so they can track who is a REOPro'er. They are watching our network closely because I believe our agents may make a great impact on our business. Hopefully if we do, we can have some leverage on cost later or something...who knows.
You bet! I've never posted on the blog before but will give it a try.


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