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Anyone have any good suggestions or noticed downfalls to their program. I noticed a few things that I believed could use some additions. I send in my comments to help give them ideas of what we need and what would help with our business. I've been using REO platforms for a couple years now and find that there is not one that does ALL that I would like. I love using Reotrans for it's ease but I love that on you can see what billing has been submitted and where you stand on getting reimbursed.

Let's here what you would like to see out of this program and since they are still new we may have a chance to help them give us an AMAZING tool.


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According to their webinar they will start a feature on the 16th that allows us to monitor the activity in our areas. If this ability is detailed it will provide us will great information. I would like to see the total number of BPOs and REO assignments that have been given out by zip code. I would also like to see which companies are the most active in my particular area.
FYI, If you have a suggestion, please, please, please, make it! DO NOT HESITATE TO TELL US WHAT YOU NEED! When you log in, look to the top left corner of the screen and you will see a "Make a Suggestion" button, more specifically it says, "Give Feedback" in orange with a little thumbs up, USE IT!

I love the fact RealtyPilot has this option appear on every single screen in it's system. To me, this is a great way of telling members that we value your opinion and want to hear your thoughts and concerns. Please don't hesitate to use it.
I contacted one of the AM's I have done business with in the past, just to touch base, and dare I say it, kiss butt? Told her I saw she was on RP, and I was now, as well. She replied, "What is RP" . After a few more exchanges, she went to the website and found out the founder of RP was one of her best commercial clients. Apparently her company was set up by him without their knowledge. I am now wondering how many companies have actually signed up and not just entered into the system?
I attended todays meeting, it was good. I;ll be listening to next tuesdays as well, which is the advanced one.
They mentioned that they are very close to adding a large vendor to the system which willl bring in a lot of BPO requests, and hopefully assignments.

This site also has the billing feature that shows you what has been paid, and what is outstanding so I think they took several concepts, added new features and made it what it is today.

I have a good feeling that if you are proactive, you'll get business out of it. Just like any other aspect of our business we have to work hard at it and develop the relationships.
I just signed up today and wanted to attend webinar but it is not available until after the new year. I just can't wait to see what RP can do.... I'm excited!
I think that I was not diligent enough with RP for it to be useful. I did not attend the webinar. Do you have to keep checking it for assignments? Has anyone received an assignment via that platform?
I am about to sign up for RP and will see how I can benefit from it. I will do my part and hopefully it will work for me. I will update.

I sure as __ hope it is better than, because that did not bring me any business that I could grab before someone else had it!!!!!!!!!!! Just paying because it is there. I am on my way over to that sign to UNSIGN.. Just use the free zipcode or 2 or 3 in my immediate area. Nothing more.
A couple of the Asset Management companies are no longer in business or have changed their web address. I never see them mentioning that they use Realty Pilot. So I will see how it works. Good luck to all.
I watched the webinar and signed up last night. As I become familiar with the system, I will be more helpful in suggestions. So far, I like the concept of the program.


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