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Staying on track with an Accountability Partner

Are you writing down your weekly, monthly and yearly goals?  Have you reached those goals?  If not, you can benefit from having an Accountability Partner.  What is an Accountability Partner?  Somebody you team up with and make a commitment to. Let's take can team up with another agent across the country or someone a state away. As an example, if your goal is to make 20 new bank or AM contacts per day or week, put it into writing or maybe one of your goals is to visit 4 local…


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Can we be thankful in these economic times of inflation, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and unemployment. Some of today's headlines read “Homes in Default Hit Historic Records”, “The Real Estate Dooms Day Scenario”, “Home Value Loss....Greater than The Great Depression”. It's hard to be thankful, when commissions are cut, more Realtors getting into the industry, more guidelines and rules to follow. Can we be thankful in this business? The answer is yes. We in the…


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Does The Law of Attraction really work?

It’s funny, we have all heard the same things over and over, that it’s all between the ears, keep a positive attitude, it’s what you think, keep a vision board, etc. etc. I have always been an open minded person, however; I have also been skeptical when it comes to visualizing. Approximately one year ago, I decided to test the law of attraction. My husband and I had been living in our previous home for 10 years. It was one of those cookie cutter types built by a mass builder and we had every… Continue

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Points of a Great REO Resume

Not every Asset Manager will look at the REO Agents resume, however; some will and if it gets your foot in the door, make your resume count. Keep your resume to one page, they don't have time to read 4 pages about what you did 30 years ago. Make sure your initial heading is in large letters...your name, company, certifications and/or designations, the general area you are serving and phone number. Next... make sure your objective is all about the client, asset manager or lender, in other words… Continue

Added by Monica Dehnert on September 28, 2009 at 6:11am — 3 Comments

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