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It's the economy ...........

     It's been a while since I've updated this beautiful lake area, mostly because the market has been so uneven & spotty that there has been no really clear picture of what direction is prevalent right now. The area overall is such a mix of property types and market segments that what is pushing one segment may have absolutely no influence in another. The gated golf communities on Lake Oconee do drive the area but…


Added by CJ Oliver on May 19, 2014 at 11:09am — No Comments

Here it comes..........

I have been happily sitting in a rural/resort area on Lake Oconee and have counted blessings that the subprime was not nearly as devastating as in other parts of the country. What I have feared was coming is starting to show up now though. Alt-A & Option Arm loans made in 2006 - 2007 & on are starting to make their way to the legal ads. This area has many upscale, gated, golf communities on the waterfront and a large proportion of those are 2nd/vacation homes. This month, I have seen…


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Budget, budget, who's got the budget???

Every year at this time I have to sit down and think about what to spend my REO budget on again. RES.Net & reotrans (now equator) are always at the top of my list but there are TONS of other sites and some look good but I don't have enough feedback to make an informed decision. Others looked good last year but didn't make the cut in production. Many are affiliates (read: owned by) the banks, asset managers & other interrelated companies and others lead to bpo business only and nary an… Continue

Added by CJ Oliver on January 4, 2010 at 11:34am — 2 Comments

OK I'm Certified ...Now What?

I've chatted with a few of you about the new NAR Certification course in Loss Mitigation. I got mine today and here's the scoop. Not much. I'm tremendously glad that NAR is doing something to address the reo segment. Obviously it's not going away any time soon even if it does slow down and the banks do a 180 and start helping people modify. That being said though, this course doesn't merit much in the way of certification. (Shhhhh. don't tell anyone I said so since I will proudly display my… Continue

Added by CJ Oliver on August 18, 2009 at 9:51pm — 12 Comments


Not too long ago I posted questions about any contacts out there for the FDIC. Several folks were very generous with the information they had and I seriously followed up. I thought I would update you now with what I mostly HAVEN'T been able to find out.

Prescient is a mega broker for them but they do only take written applications that should have already been mailed. I wouldn't let that stop me though. Prescient's web site leaves much to be desired. Static links and lots of 'coming… Continue

Added by CJ Oliver on July 6, 2009 at 9:20pm — 5 Comments

Who's got the FDIC???

Several banks here in Ga. have recently been taken over by the FDIC. Unfortunately, one was a previous client with whom I had good relations and had received listings. Guess it wasn't enough - anyway, since FDIC sells the assets not in foreclosure and the reo stays in their portfolio, I am having a devil of a time running down who has what now. Does anybody out there have good information on FDIC holdings? I could use at least a company name here or any thing you have. I'm in the middle Georgia… Continue

Added by CJ Oliver on May 2, 2009 at 8:46am — 13 Comments

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