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Best Practices when sending postcards in pre-foreclosure

Postcards are a popular vehicle to get your message out to distressed homeowners, but there are potential pitfalls when using postcards in pre-foreclosure marketing. This video discusses the best practices. 

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Best practices when telemarketing to distressed homeowners

In this post, I’ll take on the topic of using telemarketing as a channel to reach out to homeowners 30, 60, or 90+ days late on their mortgage payment.

Many marketers prefer to make contact with distressed homeowners over the phone, but in my view, that’s analogous to calling up a stranger and asking them…


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Why paying for "leads" is ineffective. Better to generate your own leads.

Paying for "leads" is ineffective in our view, and not a judicious use of your time or money. That may be a stark statement coming from a leads provider, right? Why would a leads provider tell agents not to pay for leads? The answer is we do not provide leads. We provide data, and there is a huge difference. You can pay a lot of money to a leads provider and leave the results…


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With REO's on the decline, how to make the transition to short sales

With REO's on the decline, or at least reaching a plateau, many agents are migrating to short sales in order to fill their pipeline of listings, and the transition can be challenging. While many agents are loathe to embrace short sales, they are a necessary evil in today's market. As illustrated in the classic "Who Moved My Cheese" tail of Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw, when…


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Strategies When Marketing To Homeowners In Pre Foreclosure That Works

Strategies When Marketing To Distressed Homeowners That Works

Posted by Jim Gaddis of

Having worked with hundreds of agents that get in front of…


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Some Common Pitfalls When Sending Postcards To Homeowners In Pre Foreclosure

When reaching out to distressed homeowners in pre foreclosure, one popular marketing vehicle is a postcard, because they are cheap to print, cheap to mail, and a postcard doesn’t have to be opened – they stare distressed homeowners in the face. Yet despite the advantages of this “tiny billboard”, there are potential pitfalls to…


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What Can Agents Learn From Diamond Ads?

With the Holiday season upon us, the television is saturated with diamond ads. 

The diamond industry are masterful marketers. Think about it. Who would spend thousands of dollars on a little rock that comes from the earth, and a rock that is actually pretty abundant?

The answer is no one. The answer lies not in the gemological properties of the…


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Finding Delinquent Homeowners Before the NOD or Lis Pendens

The vast majority of pre foreclosure data sources compile their information from public records once the Notice of Default (NOD) or Lis Pendens (Latin for "Suit Pending" has been filed by the lender. The challenge in working these lists is that because that data is widely available to anyone that seeks it, there is intense competition among agents, investors, bankruptcy…


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Unloading REO listings by targeting renters with high credit scores

Targeting Renters With High Credit Scores

Now that you have signs in the ground, who do you approach with your listings? If you need to unload your REO or short sale inventory, consider reaching out to people that are in a prime position to purchase a home –renters that have a high credit score.…


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What can agents learn from the shifting real estate trends?

The J.D. Power and Associates 2011 Home  Buyer/Seller Study is off the press, and some interesting marketing statistics were revealed. In addition to studying consumer sentiment towards real estate brands, J.D. Power dug deeper into the inner workings of real estate, finding some big changes that have taken place over the course of a year.

Among their findings, the study revealed something that would come as no surprise to readers - REALTORS are hustling more than ever before. In…


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Prospecting To Distressed Homeowners - What Works, What Doesn't Work?

The reality is, there is no magic pill when marketing your services to distressed homeowners. The biggest determinant of success, in my view, is repetition and the number of "touch points". Familiarity builds credibility, which in turn builds trust. Remember, all of the news media has told homeowners that if anyone contacts them with the offer to stave foreclosure, they are probably vultures looking to swoop down and profit from their misery. Repetitive marketing goes a long way to overcome…


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Yellow Letter Marketing

The yellow letter is a handwritten, usually brief message on old school yellow ruled paper. Yellow letters are a tried and true marketing vehicle to reach motivated home sellers. The magic of the yellow letter is in its personal touch, look and feel. 

 With today’s savvy consumer, any mail that looks commercial gets chucked in the waste…


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Short Sale Agents Now Exempt from MARS stipulations

In what’s good news to agents working with distressed property owners, the FTC issued a statement on Friday that it will no longer enforce most stipulations of the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services rule. This onerous rule required short sale agents to make a handful of disclosures when assisting distressed homeowners in staving foreclosure by obtaining a short…


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Marketing To Homeowners In Pre Foreclosure - Complimentary Ebook

Marketing to distressed homeowners can be challenging. Many of these homeowners are on an emotional roller coaster of shame, embarrassment and panic.

How can you get through to these financially troubled borrowers? We've put together a complimentary ebook that can serve as a springboard of marketing ideas on how to get your message of hope and solutions out to homeowners…


Added by Jim Gaddis on July 7, 2011 at 10:41am — 4 Comments

Identifying Distressed Homeowners 30, 60, 90 Or 120 Days Past Due On Their Mortgage Payment

There are a plethora of sources to obtain pre foreclosure lists, but what they generally have in common is they are public record information, compiled after the lender has served the Notice of Default (NOD) or Lis Pendens, legal instruments which begins the foreclosure process. 

While very inexpensive or sometimes free, the drawback to…


Added by Jim Gaddis on April 18, 2011 at 8:51pm — 1 Comment

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