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Marcy Moyer's Blog – May 2011 Archive (9)

How Is A Mountain View Probate Sale Different From A Regular Sale?

How is a Mountain View Probate Sale Different From a Regular Sale


A probate sale is not the same as a regular sale,  but unless court confirmation is required the differences are not that great. It is a world away from a short sale or foreclosure.


In a probate sale, the owner of a property has passed away and the home is being sold to settle an estate.  The owner may have had a will, or may not have had a…


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How is a Palo Alto Short Sale Different From a Regular Sale?

How is a Palo Alto Short Sale Different From a Regular Sale


A short sale is not the same as a regular sale and the differences are very significant. It is not a simple process and if you are buying or selling a short sale you should be working with an agent who knows what her or she is doing.


In a short sale the seller owes more on the home than it is worth. The seller needs to ask the lien…


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Wells Fargo Gave Me a Save the Date Invite on a Santa Clara Short Sale

Have you ever gotten a Save the Date invitation for an upcoming event? They are great because they help you plan for the future, and bring excitement for the future into the mix. I got a lovely e-mail today from my negotiator on a Santa Clara Short Sale Listing.  He said that he was just waiting for management to approve his approval and he should have something in writing to me in a few days.  This was very nice for a number…


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But Time And Money Are An Issue

On Monday a business coach came to our office meeting. She asked everyone if time and money were not a factor what would…


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Do Atherton Trust Sales Always Require a 45 Day Close for Notice of Proposed Action?

The answer is, ask your lawyer? When a home is being sold through a trust, the heirs of the estate need to be informed. If there are any objections they need a chance to express their concerns.  It does not mean that the home can not be sold, just that whatever the objection is needs to be dealt with, sometimes through court action.

There heirs can agree to to forgo the 45 day waiting period for the Notice of proposed…


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Menlo Park Wells Fargo Short Sale Default vs. Eminent Default

I frequently hear the question "Can I short sell my house if I have not stopped making payments."  The answer to this depends on your lender, the investor on the loan, and the phases of the moon.  However, at least right now, if you have a loan with Wells Fargo then at this moment in time they will look at approving a short sale if you have not stopped making your payments.  Wells Fargo has two different review processes, one…


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Why Use a Trust Department To Be the Executor of Your Estate?

Deaths in families are always hard. They can bring out both the best and worst in a family. There is often a combination of sorrow and a bubbling to the surface of many past, and normal family rivalries and childhood issues. Every estate must have an executor and this executor can be anyone the owner of the estate appoints if the estate has been put in trust. If there is no trust but there is a will and the will names an executor that person must be affirmed by the probate court.  If there…


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Wells Fargo Short Sale Call Center is Actually Very Helpful

Wells Fargo has a call center which is where you call to initiate a short sale, and then to get updates before they assign a negotiator.  But what sets them apart from some other banks' call centers is that they stay involved throughout the short sale process.  So, if you call or e-mail your negotiator and he or she is not available you can ask the call center…


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Menlo Park Short Sale Approval Today!!!!!

Well, it has taken a lot of months, and 4 buyers, but I finally got approval today from Chase for a short sale in the Belle Haven neighborhood of Menlo Park.  So far everyone is delighted, and hopefully we will make it through the loan and property contingencies. 

Short sales are sold "As-Is", period. Banks do not allow any credits, repairs, or other consessions for things that are wrong.  That is why I try to get…


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