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Nick Miller's Blog – January 2012 Archive (4)

Foreclosure isn't always a 4 letter word

This is an excerpt from a book I am writing called: "Buyers Guide to Foreclosures." I would love to hear from the REOPro community regarding feedback, comments or suggestions on the below statements.…


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What Opportunity is the T.V. Costing You?

According to Josh Kaufman, author of "The Personal MBA", Opportunity Cost is the value you're giving up by making a Decision. Whenever you invest time, energy, or resources, you're implicitly choosing not to invest that time, energy, or resources in any other way. The value that would have been created by your next best alternative is the Opportunity Cost of that decision.

We all need downtime. What is the point of life if we are all work and no play? But all too often I find…


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Using a FHA 203k Loan to Purchase Foreclosures

This is an excerpt from a book I am writing called "Buyers Guide to Foreclosures"  (generic title but to the point).

Financing can be a major hurdle for some buyers wanting to purchase a foreclosure because of the condition of the home, which may keep it from qualifying for conventional or traditional FHA loans. The 203k is a great option. I encourage all agents to familiarize themselves with this loan program.…


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Lesson for Sellers

I am still reading through "The Personal MBA" by Josh Kaufman and came to the chapter on finance. In this chapter, he has a subsection on Value Capture.

In that he states: "Value Capture is the process of retaining some percentage of the value provided in every Transaction."

There are 2 approaches to Value Capture.

1. Maximization approach - attempt to capture as much value in each transaction as possible.

2. Minimization approach - capture as little valure as…


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