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#1 Rule of Marketing: Getting Your Customers Attenton.

If you have read my last couple of blog post, you know by now that I am a big fan of this new book I am reading: The Personal MBA: by Josh Kaufman (

Here is an excerpt from his chapter on Marketing: "Rule #1 of Marketing is that you potential customer's available attention is limited. Keeping up with everything in your world would require way more attention than you actually have to work with. To compensate, you filter: you ration you attention, allocating more to things you care about ans less to things you don't. So does everyone else, including your potential prospects. To get someone's attention, you have to find a way around their filters.

High-quality attention must be earned. When you're seeking someone's attention, it's useful to take a moment to remember that you're competing against everything else in their world. In order to be noticed, you need to find a way to earn that attention by being more interesting or useful than the competing alternatives."

Check out the trailer for Life in Foreclosure.

New Year, New You.

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