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Are there any good references available.....

I see a lot of advertisement for the "REO Power Lister" e-book. Has anyone purchased this book? If so was it worth the purchase? Any other suggestions on tangible resources that would be good for referencing?


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Comment by Leigh Teichman on June 2, 2008 at 11:26pm
I did purchase the REO Power Lister Ebook and while it has some good information, I found it was geared toward someone just starting out in REO's. You can find the same information searching the internet and reading the blogs.
Comment by John Occhi on May 31, 2008 at 9:43pm
I have to agree with Jesse to some degree - but I also must disagree with him

I just posted a blog about BPO's and in the comments I answered the same question, giving a referral to the NTFSI, who does offer a 'Certification' as well as a eBook and 8 videos which appear to be pretty thorough. For $37 you get all that plus a list of 100 sites to apply.

I did it for the certification - not that it is big one or recognized industry wide, but for $37, it shows that I am expanding my comfort level and seeking more continuing education - which can't hurt - and again, it's only $37.

Now yes, I agree it is about relationships, now that you have the list, pick up the phone and work those relationships - do whatever it takes. Work it and work it hard and yes, you will get some business and once you break the threshold and you build your reputation in the REO world, you'll find more asset mangers coming to you.

Either way, Good Luck
Comment by Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez on May 30, 2008 at 9:56am
Hi Kim;

I have heard of this REO Power Lister e book, I think it's through "foreclosure U".

Here is my problem with these books, seminars and lead generation warehouses, they don't work!

Let me explain because I am sure someone out there is going to be like, “oh yes they do!” LMAO!

As I explain in my blog “How to start doing your first REO”, the Asset Managers, Loss Mitigation Officers and Property Preservation Officers are the people with the power to assign a REO. These people DO NOT RANDOMLY ASSIGN REO’S. In other words, if you don’t have relationships with these people through either meeting them one on one at a conference or working BPO’s over time with them, then you can buy all the “books”, “power listers”, purchase a membership on “REO Red Book” or whatever else and, you will only reap the benefit if your lucky!

Banks, lenders and Asset Managers require experience before they will even consider you. I know that sounds a bit backwards but, it’s true. Granted that experience maybe nothing more than BPO’s over months and years however, those BPO’s provide that bank with an incredible amount of information on your efficiency, accuracy and ability, when pricing and evaluating a home.

The other problem I have with these get REO quick schemes is that they don’t offer any recognized designation or certification program. I guess if you buy the book, attend the seminar or advertising in their directory to just get the experience or use it as a reference, the fine but, please, for your own sake, don’t put much into it. I provide you with a wealth of helpful information in my blog, trust me, you get more help from it for free than you would ever with some “GET REO QUICK” scheme.

Just my thoughts…..hope they help.

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