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I recently was asked why do I blog and isn't time consuming?? It took me bit to come up with the answer but it went something like this:

Importance of blogging.........Blogging help raise your google/yahoo ranking for free. Good blogs with tags and links and widgets that are linked deep into your website help create a web crawl. Once the web crawl locates the content it has to go back out thru every page of your site. I am working on that right now. Also it is educational. Not only for other people but for yourself. Time consuming??? You bet, but how else can you be a pro without just blowing pro smoke?? People in my city see my name (since I don't just work with REO's and they call me) Crazy since I look so young and I am kinda spacey but.....I do know my stuff!! Blogging also helps you find out about other things you might not have found otherwise.

My site and my biz are important and blogging helps me to be more innovative then other agents and help me to stand out!! Everybody and their mom is a Realtor or reo agent. What is going to set you apart from everybody else??

I left the part out that I really really like it and it is fun for me. You know I have been an AR member since the beginning. I think I was the 180 person to join. Maybe a little more maybe a little less. I was a member when AR was a totally different platform. I didn't really know what to make of it till recently when I found out what a innovative tool it was and how it could really help me. And help me it has.....Now I am a member of REOpro and I am stoked to have a place for my niche to learn and grow.

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Comment by Stacie Cunningham on June 9, 2009 at 5:25pm
Active Rain!!
Comment by Joe Kirby on June 9, 2009 at 5:00pm
OKAY, showing both my age and my ignorance, but what is "an AR member"??? KIRB

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