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Did you know you are graded on everything you do with an AM? You are graded on the quality of your BPO, the time it took you to turn it in, the pictures (following specific instruction) and if it is complete.

Your REO listing is graded on all of your tasks and by each AM you come in contact with. So basically you are under a microscope the minute your profile is even viewed. Crazy huh?? I am always wondering what my grade is and I try to beat around the bush to find out what it is and they NEVER tell me. I am still getting assignments so I guess I am doing something right. Another blogger (JESSE) posted that AM's are looking for a 95% grade or higher to continue sending you REO listings. I thought....Wow an A!! I was always a B student so an A feels pretty good. I guess I should have applied myself a little more. Then I think...naaaahhhh I would probably still be where I am now in RE doing BPO's and getting REO listings. I think those A's would have been nice but THESE A's really mean something!!

Point of my blog is don't be a B student. BPO mills probably don't grade but the companies that solicit for REO's should have top priority and you should put in that extra effort. Cause if you don't.....I WILL!!

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