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So the other day, I was supposed to do an Interior BPO for a listing that got assigned to another one of them infamous out of town agents. It was over the 4th of July weekend, actually - I had called on Thursday, no answer from the Interior contact (the out-of-area REO agent). So I drove by, because I know that this agent uses pretty much the same combo lockbox code all the time, figured I would see if that worked.

But lo and behold, the house was not vacant. Totally occupied. I called again, left another message. Needless to say, I didn't get a call back that weekend, not until Monday. Turns out, they had made a mistake and reported it as vacant when in fact it was inhabited.

"Any idea when they'll be vacating?" The client wanted to know if the listing agent would somehow be arranging interior access. "Well, no, you see, they don't speak any English, and we don't speak Spanish. We'll need to find a translator to help negotiate a Cash for Keys."

Grrrr. I speak Spanish. Me. Me. Give. That. Listing. To. Me. I'll. Handle. It.

Thanks. I feel better. :)

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