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When you think of a REO Agent, what image pops in your mind? Do you see some well dressed, luxury car driving, wildly sexy, speak with a foreign accent Realtor or is it more of a blue jean and polo wearing, pick up truck driving, only sexy after a few drinks, sounds like they just walked off the farm Realtor?

The reason I ask is because, I recently walked into a group of older, mature no less successful than myself Realtors only to discover, my “image” didn’t fit their crowd. It was obvious to me when I pulled up to the meeting I was attending and saw nothing but, Mercedes, Jaguar and Lexus in the drive that I was going to truly be out of my element but, I was going to face this demon head on.

You see, even though I can afford those things, I have had plenty of success in real estate and, still am. I choose to be much more restrained with my image due to the fact, I purposely want to break the stereotype that surrounds my profession. You know the stereo type, the one about how Realtors don’t work but make lots of money and take ego centric pictures of themselves to put on their business cards………yeah that one. I hate this stereotype with a passion, especially as a REO Agent because, REO’s take much more work than your standard listing.

So, after my meeting, I realized this group just wasn’t my crowd or my cup of tea and, it was time for me to make a gracious but, quick get away, so out the door I headed and, to my surprise, I heard my name bellowed out in the back ground. Ready for a confrontation I turn around and see one of those pretentious rick-a-tarts headed my way. He pulls me to the side and says, can you believe this place? I was ready for my practiced answer and said, “No, it’s beautiful but, not right for me” and he said, “me to!” What, was this possible, did I happen to run into someone who felt like me about all this over done hoopla?

Come to find out, he was in town from Georgia and preparing to move his family up here to Tennessee. He mentioned that after attending this “meeting” we were at he was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to do business up here in Tennessee like he did in Georgia, which to him was more laid back and welcoming. After a tour of my office I changed his perception and now a couple of months later, I am realizing that my perception has changed as well.

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