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As many of you know I was at the five star default convention last week and now I am back with my family and animals! I had 4 things on my 5 star to do list and I am glad I got them done and then some!

With that being said I am sure you want to hear about my 5 star default conference adventure!! I arrived late Tuesday night. I was elbowed in the head on my plane ride by the man seated behind me but I know something of that nature would happen. Without fail I am a target everywhere of some kind! (wink! wink!) We stayed at the Hilton Anatole. I was impressed by the size of the hotel my husband was not impressed by them not having a shuttle. that's a whole other blog that I am not going to get into.

Wednesday in the Am I went down to get my new badge cause mine was wrong. Everyone there had a color coded badge and the people who were wearing red, black or green where being hunted down like deer during hunting season. It scared me a little cause I was stuck on an a full elevator everyone was blue except the guy net to me. He was black and the minute someone spotted him he was attacked. I got off asap and didn't even look back.

I ran into some Internet friends by the main info area! Nesli is from San Diego. We have talked several times and exchanged REO info back and forth. I called her looking for her and she was behind me. She was looking for my dark hair and didn't recognize me. No worries I got that all week. She is a great person and I am glad to have met her! There were sooooo many people it was hard to find anyone. I guess it doesn't help that I need a new eye glass prescription and couldn't tell who anyone was till I got close.

I did have 1 class that was on my to do list and that was the reo trans class. I needed it to get certified. I have used the system before so most of the information was not new. I did however get to chit chat with the CEO. Very nice man and he helped answer a couple questions that I had that were not answered during the class. If he ever needs to buy in the OC I have a great realtor for him!

Wednesday eve were 2 receptions. I went to the first one and ran into a large group of people I chat with on yahoo groups. They are in my inbox everyday and was glad to meet them. They kept me laughing, entertained, and safe.The second reception was very very crowded and I got lost from everyone I knew and was approached by many interesting parties and was about to leave when I again found my friends. I had a great time! I also got some work done at the show. CA was 2 hours ahead so I was still getting questions asked.

Thursday AM was the awards breakfast. My phone died and I forgot my charger. I had no way of calling anyone and about 4000 people were waiting to get into the breakfast. I have night blindness (it was dark in the breakfast room) and I already told you I need a new prescription so I sat down at the nearest empty table I could. It filled up pretty fast so I was not alone for long. I was chit chatting with everyone. The man next to me and I where talking about Denver and Orange County. He then told me he was the CEO of one of the Asset management companies that was on my to do list. Once he told me who he was....all the agents at the table gave him their card. I wasn't about to give him mine and have him remember me that way. We had a great conversation about his company and he asked me my opinion on a couple things. I felt bad for him cause he kept having people ask him for his card while we were talking. He was very polite and told them to wait till he was in the booth at the expo hall. Anywho.....Breakfast was great and the people who got awards were well deserving! I was impressed!

Expo hall was a zoo!! I walked around and talked to some companies but I waited to come back till it wasn't so crowded. I soon realized that there were a ton of people there to get their foot in the door with REO. Many, many people where cutting in line and pushing and it was not a scene I wanted to be in. I did however get to borrow a iphone charger from a man at REDC. They are an auction company and they had Eric Estrada there taking pictures. I charged my phone and came back down to the expo hall. Less crowded and now I could talk to the people I wanted to without having to worry about someone cutting me off. I was talking to a rep at FirstAM REO and one of my fellow active rain friends recognized who I was. Thanks! It made me smile and the FirstAM guy will probably remember me for that!

I was signing up online again w/ FirstAM cause the guy said the software changed. I am with them but he said it couldn't hurt. As I was signing up I had 3 more vendors come talk to me. I even had a auction company want to hire me as a project manager. I am going to stick to REO though...I am kinda good at it. I then moved out of the hall to go find some more Internet friends. As I was waiting I started talking to this man w/ no badge and found out he is w/ another direct lender that I was hoping to talk to. I guess I was at the right place at the right time again!! I soon had to get some work done online and get ready for First Preston Round up.

FP was # 3 on my to do list and I was totally impressed by this company. I am so lucky and excited to be a listing agent for them. They are innovative and down to earth. They have a contract in the works with a bank to dramatically change the way short sales are looked at and done. Again, I am so lucky, happy, excited and fortunate to be a part of their local ambassadors.There was a man there that asked 2 really good questions and turns out he is another friend of mine who likes to play in the rain! Jon is a great guy and really nice to be around. He and I got excited about First Preston together!!!

Friday was the lender open house and again a crazy mad house! I was so not going in the rooms so I stayed outside and talked to lenders as the passed. I was pretty much over worked at this point and ready to go home. I did have to stay and go to the cert class in the afternoon. I found Jon and his friend Mike and we sat thru the class together. They had a test at the end which was easy if you had used their system before. I was so tired and ready to get out of the hotel since I had been indoors for days i went out to the pool. Another Internet friend of mine from San Diego named Katrina and I chit chatted by the pool. My hubby was pretty tired of hearing about REO and I could tell he was more then ready to go home.

I learned a some new things and I met some great contacts. I will defiantly go next a key note speaker!!! LOL!~Stacie

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Comment by yolanda lopez on August 24, 2009 at 9:58pm
Wow, sounds like things went well for you. Well, except for the head elbowing thing. I too am needing to get a eyeglass prescriptions. I have been fighting the fact that it's time. :)
Comment by Johnny Huang on September 26, 2008 at 5:22pm
Great Story...makes me want to head to 5 Star myself next year! I have to check with "upper management" first tho :-P
Comment by Kim Lineberger on September 24, 2008 at 9:25pm
You are already know how I feel about YOU... I will be there next year, sitting in the front row as I listen to you, the keynote speaker!! Awesome review!
Comment by Katelyne Nguyen on September 24, 2008 at 6:46pm
It was great to read your blog. I was there too
Comment by Raul Novales on September 24, 2008 at 5:28pm
Hello Stacie,
I am in North Orange County. I am a team player and would like to work with you on some of your REO properties. I am a Broker and sold REO properties in the80's and 90's. I have tons of experience. You may contact me and let me know how we can work together. Raul Novales
Comment by Debra Armstrong on September 24, 2008 at 2:13pm
You go girl!!! It was exciting reading your blog, it made me feel as if I was there experiencing the same thing. But, I was here in Inglewood. You are a great writer and pay attention to details so, I am sure you will probably be on the short list of key notes speakers for next year. You have my vote!!! Thanks for this great information, I am very excited that you were excited. I can feel the energy you releases and I can see why you are getting lots of business. Keep up the good work.
Comment by Susan Cook, RDCPro, CDPE, SFR on September 22, 2008 at 10:15pm
Great post Stacie, thank you! I plan on going to REOMAC next month and I am so excited! Susan

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