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Hello Everybody,

I was at the 5 Star Default Servicing Conference too. My experience at 5 Star was different than many other agents I guess :) I had too much fun and education and got the chance to receive RES.NET and REOTrans certifications.
I know it was crowded, I know they tried to teach us the things that we already know, but the Lender/ Servicer Open House was priceless. I met with lots of servicers and lenders that I’m already working with and I was able to tell them “Hey, it’s me, Nesli. What’s up? ” :) Okay, I didn’t exactly say that but I had the chance to talk with them and ask questions. The Asset Managers were so nice and gave out their secrets (lots of little details like what you have to do when you apply with their company) which was like gold to me.
One suggestion from me to you, my realtor fellas, if you ever attend these conferences, DO NOT EVER MISS THE LENDER OPEN HOUSE sessions. I was thinking to go there again next year but just for the Lender Open House. I am willing to exchange some info so shoot me an e-mail.
Let’s come to the fun part :) There was a concert which was as important as the Lender Open House, the REO Speedwagon concert and I cannot tell you how much fun I had. It was intelligent to bring this group for the concert but I am wondering what does “REO” stand for? Please do not answer my question if you haven’t read all of my blog :) Well my suggestion to all: YES, it was totally worth it to go, show your face there, meet with people and get some education! Even though sometimes you cannot recognize them (like Stacie) they will recognize you :) It was great to have met with you too, Stac.
I am a person who always looks at the result, “what did I gain?” I got approved with two big lenders that I have been trying to get approved with their program and this is just a start.
Nesli Ibrahim
Realtor, SRES, e-PRO, CPV
Realty Executives Dillon
p: 619-254-0037
f: 619.656.4500

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