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2nd graders teaching me new online photo and video skills for real estate easy to post to YouTube Twitter and more!

OK, so I have been struggling with good formating for photo slide shows, mixed media, video to present my listings for sale in a variety of online applications, socail media and postings. I think this is a big thing for many Realtors right now.

I finally found a great little photo slide show editing tool, mixing in video is my next step, it also has GREEN SCREEN and mixed media applications. It is low cost and easy enough for 2nd graders to teach me all about it and show me how it is done. They made a cute sample slide show for me about fake homes for sale and even took one of my listing photos off my web site and used it in their sample.

Now, if I can figure out how to post on REOPRO .... and of course the best options are when I can post the slide shows, mixed meadia automatically in multiple great on line social media areas.

I go to classes, seminars, study online stuff for HOW TO. But the secound graders have really taught me something great!

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Comment by Marcy Moyer on July 12, 2010 at 11:44pm
So what is the tool? I use visaltour You can make/post all of the virtual tours or videos you want for one monthly fee and they give you the ability to post on facebook, craigslist, and a bunch of social media sites with only a few clicks. Plus it automatically fixes the pictures for you.

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